My Intro (please move if not in correct place)


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Dec 16, 2013
United Kingdom
Hello all craftblockians, since the forum database or whatever people call it now was wiped, i have to do my introduction again :D

as you know, my IGN is tomrobans but in real life my name is Thomas Ansell. Currently studying Level 2 IT course and im 16 years old, friendly and lovely to know.

I love helping people out however i can, its part of my nature. I am a great help around Nanoblock especially for reporting people. I still remember the list:

  1. Zepo123
  2. kovdy204
  3. minifoot
  4. And a recent one (yesterday): jjsa1122
I aim to be at least a trial mod on nanoblock especially due to the amount of people who ask for help and the amount of people who trust me and are very dear friends to me. I will help all that i can, however i can, anytime im avaliable. If im not avaliable, im ether busy studying for my IT Course, or playing Halo 4 as Spindlybaton98 :D


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Dec 16, 2013
Gallatin, TN
Tommmm >3< So you play on nano most of the time eh. I'll try to hop on there sometime ;D good to see an introduction, welcome to CraftBlock ~U~ *Throws Glitter*

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