My favorite dream.


No, you cannot mine me.
Dec 28, 2013
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Last Night I dreamed ...
I was in a car with my best friend Sam, It wasn't his car, And it wasn't a road it was a train track. He was driving really fast and he wasn't on the right lane, Any train could just come from the opposite direction and crash into us. He must have noticed that because he quickly swerved onto the other lane. We were nearly there but instead of turning left he turned right, Right on to the top of a tall crane. I realised it was a crane before he did, I opened the door screamed grabbed his arm and jumped out. The car went right over the edge of the crane leaving us on top of it  we walked to the other side of the crane (which was terrifying!) which was connected to land we then met Mats statues.


Aaaand because it involved terror its now my favourite dream.

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