My dream./Nightmare.


Pug Senpai
Jan 11, 2014
     Ok I had a freaky dream here it is: I just left home and I was going to school. After I was there half the school was torn down. When I saw a bloody skeleton in ice skates I almost cried He tried to murdered me with his knife. I ran and ran and ran until The end of the world  To not get killed by the skeleton I fell out of the world. I still died. When I opened my eyes I was on a cruise ship but everyone were like half dead. When I saw my sister I freaked. I missed my parents. They were still alive. I could spectate them so I flew to my house. My dad was still alive and he saw me he said: hi Wyatt (me) I said you see me? He said yes he went outside and ran from bloody zombies when he died my mom did too. Almost everyone was dead. When I saw my aunt  with only one arm I asked her how did that happen. She said got bitten off. She tried to fight the zombies but then she died. Almost everyone was dead. I saw bloody bodies everywhere. In a little while everyone on earth was dead. The oceans were red. Everything in sight was blood red. When everyone was dead they were on the ship. All bloody ghosts.
 That's when I woke up. Seeing it was  A LOT more scary.


Dec 16, 2013
Maybe you should stay away from The Walking Dead for a while?


Official Arsehole
Dec 16, 2013
I'll let you know when I find myself
I'd say XD. Something I do suggest though, try to do this thing called lucid dreaming. It's very intriguing and while I have never tried it, it sounds like it might help a lot.


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Dec 16, 2013
Michigan, USA
I've had lots of dreams like that. Except they weren't nightmares for me. They don't frighten me. I've hung out with all of the slasher movie characters (Freddy, Jason, Michael, Chucky, etc.) in dreams before, but we've always just been hanging out. Doing random things. And I usually have to stop them from killing people in my dreams. Like, "C'mon, Freddy. Not again." lol

But I have never really had a nightmare before. I have been unable to sleep because of a scary idea or thought. Mostly when I was a kid though. I had difficulty staying the night at my friends' houses because I was afraid that while I was gone, a bad guy would break into my house while I wasn't there and hurt my Mom, and I could do nothing to help save her. That's about it. The characters in my dreams are often more afraid than I am. I usually fly around and watch them all freak out and try to help. Haha

I have never have a lucid dream before though. But I sometimes try. Maybe I need to try harder. Haha

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