My Curent Wip[s]!


Jun 21, 2014
Lincoln Nebraska, United States
So recently I have been building a "Hotel Home", I do have some screenies! Here they are!!!

1:  [Hotel From The Outside!]

2: [The Fountain outside The Door]

3: Check In Desk!

4: The Lobby, where you get your breakfast, eat it and go to work! xD

5: The Floor, not like any normal Hotel, but its kinda small, and its name is "hotel home" Soo its homy. :D

6: The entrance to 1 of the rooms!

7: The bathroom, which is to the left, once you enter the Room!

8: A picture from the Bed!

9: The pic from the end of the "hallway"

10: Ok, so I have 2 floors done with, the lobby floor, and rooms 1A and 2A Floor, this is the start of the third floor,  :D

Thats All for the hotel for now, would you guys enjoy being updated once in a while? Oh, and ill also be putting Pics from my new Elven/Rustic Villa in this thread! Look forward to these Pics!

(btw i need names for this town!) These plots will all be able to be bought by users with creative, so Diamonds, Royals, and i think Mods have Creative... or Supermods!

Although Only 2 houses will be done in survival so 2 lucky winners will be the owner of these houses! Mail or /msg me if your interested.
P.S. These plots will cost a great ordeal of money, but by paying if you get griefed, we will make sure your house or plot if back to normal, this will also not be an "official" town so there will be no ./t spawn, I want a warp there, but i think that is impossible, anyways use "./mail send halodudejake" for any further info or if your interested! Thanks and have a good day/night!



Just something
Apr 7, 2014
looking great hope to see it!


It'd be nicer if there was just that one imgur link, instead of a link for every single post.

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