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Dec 21, 2013
I am currently building a place that soon I will make a town, then I hope official town, then if I really work hard maybe a nation.  This place is not named yet, any suggestions, please reply.  I will post screenshots in the future if necessary, but for now if you want to see it, just ask me in game.  If you want to know about the cave systems, ask MonochromePony.  I have a meeting hall, a game center, a lab, an animal zoo, an egg production area, a bakery which is in my shop, a mine, and way more!  Me and a ton of players sometimes gather there for games, meetings, free food, trading, animal raising, and more.  _SunDust_, MonochromePony, and other players really helped me with my area and had so many great ideas.  If anyone wants to help out or take a quick tour, ask me in game or reply!  Its on the main server.  I had many people grief it at games and stuff, please don't do that.  Hope to see you there!



Tired ™
Dec 16, 2013
... dont ask me anything about the caves because if you do i'll stab you for entering my property...

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