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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:MoLite
Victim(s):Server Map
Temporary or Permanent:Temp Ban 3 days
1st incident:  Providing that the first kick from chip was with a warning to turn off the Xray.
2nd incident: Observed for a good 10 min.  Definiately mining to clusters and covering up holes.  Watched the player mine serveral clusters.  removed Some of their diamonds and Kicked with a warning. I didn know realise this player had already been warned. So When he came back I chatted to them a little more. Tped to his home where he had alot of diamonds and ores . I removed Half.  He complained about his diamonds being stolen. I said what do you expect when you cheated to find them using xray.  He denied it.  Told him to just not cheat in the fututre. I went to make a player report, only to find chip had already dealt with this player.  And it appears they hadnt learnt their lesson with thie first kick.  Maybe this ban will tell them. Xraying will not be tolerated.
Previous Actions:
This is the one that clenched it.  abive my head is diamonds but you can see as stone is blocking it. Molite mines the redstone and coal over yonder. then come back and mines this diamond that you cannot see.  I watched him a good while.

Other Notes:
Wait your 3 days Molite. When you return, make sure your got your xray turned off.

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