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Dec 16, 2013
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I went through the mod wiki... its great. I just thought it needed a little upgrade.   I added some other things I thought might be of importance like teamspeak and other stuff have a browse. If its good use it. Merging some of the ambassador infor with it.

Moderator Wiki
Welcome to the CraftBlock Staffing team and congratulations on getting Moderator on CraftBlock!  Mods play a crucial role on CraftBlock, for without you, we wouldn't be able to run the server day to day and keep it fun and enjoyable. Being a moderator can be fun but also stressful.
You, have important tasks to do, and must show mature leadership in this role.  . You have been chosen because we think you have the common sense and maturity to handle situations in the community in a respectable way. 
Should at any time you feel the pressures of moderating overcoming you, please speak to staff or owners. if you feel frustrated and starting to "lose it” infront of the general community' lose it in the /a chat instead or post your frustrations in the staff area. But please communicate to us and let us know if you need a break.  Demotion has its purposes especially when postions are abused.  You would not be any less a person in the community should you decide a demotion is timely.
This wiki contains much of the Ambassador wiki but with added responsibilities for moderators.  So we urge you to read that as well.  Listen to those ranks above you, SuperMod, Admin, Owners.
Teamspeak has its own rules, but you wouldn’t be off the mark if you applied similar attitudes used on the server as you would on teamspeak.Try to be active and encourage players to make good use of the CraftBlock Teamspeak server. 
Be active on forums. Comment where necessary. Close threads when issues have been sorted.  Check complaints and with them as best as you can. Avoid being sarcastic, and demeaning its not needed. Be familiar with where things are found.
Below are all of the rules and commands you need to know, and what we expect you to uphold.

3 Strikes
It would not do any harm to use the “3 strikes you’re out” warnings. These warning can be used for much of the situations below.  Stay cool, stay calm, stay collected.
Strike 1 – Tell them once
Strike 2 -  Tell them again (Just incase they missed the first time, don’t use caps)
Strike 3  You’re out! – If you ever get to this point /kick playername followed by reason.

Some situations might require you to go straight to the kick or the ban, use your own discretion.
Try to stop the following from happening.
You will see chat announcements like "Playername (break) Glowstone (#89)."
1. /vanish, then teleport to the suspected player.
2. /co i, right and left-click blocks to check who broke/placed.
3. Check if the player is breaking their own structure, or a structure belonging to someone else. If the player does not own the structure, you may ask the player why they are griefing.  If they claim they are helping a friend, ask said friend if they are online to confirm, or do /seen playername to check if they have been online recently. If they have not, griefing seems likely. You may use the 3 strikes warning.
4. Kicking the player can force the player to pay attention; some don't notice chat/ignore deliberately.

Griefs can be rolled back with the command:
1. /co rollback u:______ t:____#m/h/d r:#          Example: /co rollback u:Avoxsas t:2d r:5

2. Try to keep the radius value low; 10 should usually suffice. If the grief is not completely rolled back, you can use a larger radius or move to the affected area and repeat.
3. If the player has griefed iron / gold/ lapis lazuli /diamond /emerald blocks, use the /invsee command to remove said blocks from their inventory.

Banning for grief:
1. Less than 50 blocks:  Give the player a warning, rollback the area and post a Player Warning found in the staff area.
2. More than 50 blocks:  Then you do what you think is best.

Do you think this player just came here to grief?
Do you think they deserve a temp ban and to have a second chance?
It's up to you. Typically, temp bans for griefing range from 3 days to a week.
If you're unsure, look at other ban reports to compare how many blocks were griefed and how long the player was banned for.   Example: /tempban _SunDust_ 7days.  Tempbans do not need a reason on the end.
3. More than 150 blocks:  Can warrant a permanent ban. When permanent banning, state reason and the site address.  Example: /ban Playername Griefing, appeal @
5. Please don't be ban happy and ban whenever you think you see a grief. Ask and make sure. Back when our old server was alive, I griefed a few blocks when I first joined. I was new to Minecraft and did not know what 'griefing' was. Thankfully, a nice mod gave me a chance, informed me what I was doing and let me stay on the server. I'd like to give that chance to everyone.
6. Post ban reports here:
You will see chat announcements like " Playername (break) Diamond ore (#56)."
If you see a player breaking a lot of ores in a short period of time, they could be x-raying.
1. Use /vanish, then teleport to the suspected player.
2. Watch the player for 5 minutes or more.  Suspect x-raying if they: - Mine straight to ores.
- Mine in complete darkness. - You may want to install an x-ray mod yourself to check whether a player mines directly to ores.
If you are completely sure that the player is x-raying-
3. Type  /invsee Playername, remove half of their x-rayed materials. Use the 3 strike warning
Example: /kick playername turn off your xray
4. If they return continue watching them.  You may choose to record their actions or take screenshots of their mining habbits.
5. Post a Player Warning found in the staff area.
6. If you think that they have continued to x-ray, after their kick give them a 3 day temporary ban.
7. If the player continues x-raying after their temporary ban is up, you may permanently ban them.

8. When permanent banning, state reason and appealing at site address.
Example: /ban Playername X-raying, appeal @
Post ban reports here:

1. The following will not be allowed but be familiar with what we constitute as advertising:
- Giving out server IP address(es) of similar servers to players on CraftBlock.

- Giving the IP to another survival building server
- Private messaging IPs to players on the server.
- Mailing IPs to random players.
- Repeatedly talking about similar servers so as to encourage others to try them.
2. Exceptions for sharing IP addresses will only be allowed for the following servers:
- Survival Games servers
- Jail Break servers
- Other minigame-type servers
3. If a new player joins the server and immediately begins to advertise, permanently ban them.
4. If a player advertises, kick them.  /kick playername Please don’t advertise.

5. If they continue you may choose to ban them temporarily or permanently, depending on how often they do it.
6. Higher ranks should know better than to advertise. If a player ranked citizen or higher advertises, give them a two month ban. If they do it again, permanently ban.
7. When permanent banning, state reason and appealing at the site address.
Example: /ban Playername Advertising, appeal @
Post ban reports here:

Server Chat
Server chat is something that can make or break a server; it can annoy players, make them leave, etc. Use respectful language. Don’t use caps. Remember you set the example for the community to follow, lets use language that will make a great server and not break it.

Colour Chat
We try to not have annoying rank colors or long prefixes because of this. See Donators code of conduct referring to colour chat.
When players spam the same thing, begging for something from staff or other players, repeatedly cussing, etc. trolling, being a nuisance: Not to be tolerated.

Foul Language
Many swear and we're not a server that is only for 10 year olds. A random cuss is okay, just don't allow players to spam it or take it too far. But should a player ask another player to stop, then server rule 5 applies here.
Sexual/Inappropriate Discussion:
We should act as mature adults and anything sexual should not be discussed here. Let's keep the chat clean.

This happens a lot; from a PVP fight to someone stealing something. You have to handle the situation and try to stop it - figure out what's happening and help out.  Sometimes, directing the player/s to make a complaint on forums allows them time to think of the problem and put it into words, as well as a chance to calm down a little.  Encourage them to post as much information and screenshots they can give.

Promoting Blocklings to Builders
/pex promote playername
1. From time to time, do /list and check to see if there are any Blocklings online.
2. Ask them if they have built a house. Blocklings may also request in chat that you check their house, so keep an eye out. If they have, do the following:
3. Ask the Blockling to go to their house, then teleport to them.
4. Use /co i, check that they built it. Friends can build houses together, but make sure they both participated in the building.
5. Homes should have 9 requirements.  Ensure they have the following-
Walls, Floor, Roof, Door, Bed, Furnace, Chest, Craft Table & Windows.
6. You can tell them what else they need or direct them to ranks and commands.
/wiki - click link - click ranks and commands - click builder

If the house is underground, encourage them to tidy up their walls, roof and floor.   Once done, then, use your own judgement.  Does it look like the player has spent a decent amount of time working on it?

Size of the home is not important in getting builder rank. Those working on big home projects but desire builder rank, encourage them to make a small home with the needed requirements.  They can always tear it down afterwards.


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Dec 16, 2013
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I only changed 3 characters. 

1. In [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Griefers: #4; [/font]I changed 'forces' to 'force'.
2 & 3. In [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Banning for grief: #2;[/font] I changed 'he' to 'they'

It looks great though. :D

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