michaelsurfs appeal

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Dec 21, 2013
user:    michaelsurfs
server banned from:  craftblock
reason of ban:  disrespect and not following the rules
who banned you:  JagSwag2014

I express my feelings by making things in minecraft and sometimes, yes, I do get a bit crazy.  I'm not trying to blame this on others, but players were bullying me most of the time I was on, especially the old "spork" trick.  It really made me uncomfortable and scared since so many people wanted to do that to me.  I have learned my lesson and I feel the need to come back on and change my ways and point of view.  I honestly think that I can really change and be non abusive.  Getting my powers back is a whole different story though.  I will cross that BRIDGE when I get there.   i really hope you can understand that I am a new person after that ban.  I also love the new server!  It looked great!  I hope I can see you all soon, all I have left to say is to thank hannah and sun and mono for allways helping me when I was new.  Thank you.
Not open for further replies.

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