meh ban appeal


Mar 3, 2018
some where idfk
Minecraft Username:ZZobey
Your Ban report link:that menas???
Server banned from:craftblock
Reason of ban:X-raying (asked multiple times to stop)
Who banned you?:idk i cant remember. maby that vg guy idk tho
Why should you be unbanned?:i was mining (with a pick that had eff 9 and excavation 2 and fort 3) i was just moving my mouse around like a kinda-crazy person then i got a warning from im pretty sure it was that vg guy it said "xray is against the server rules" or somethin but idk cuz im dumbthen i went to my home i was there for like 5 mins then i get ANOTHER warning for "xray" even tho i wasnt mining i still wasnt mining and i got banned

plz unban me or shorten i like this server sorry for bad english or punctiuation im bad at that this took me like 10 mins to write and i hope it was worth it


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Oct 2, 2017
Hi ZZobey, I have talked with staff and we have reviewed some parts of your ban:
- This is your ban report:
- Staff (on multiple occasions) tested you for possible x-ray, and you mined directly towards diamond patches rather than erratic mining in random directions, as you stated.
- You accumulated upwards of 30 diamond blocks between your first join yesterday and today, which is especially questionable even considering the pickaxe you were using.
- You stated in chat that you would be willing to install x-ray for a large amount of money despite the topic of x-ray in chat not being present (such that you were not prompted to talk about it by other means)
- Your ban is only 3 days.
For these reasons, your ban will not be lifted/reduced unless other evidence towards your case arises.

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