Mango_00, Get_Strafed


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Jan 2, 2014
Arctic Biome
User(s) Banned: Mango_00, Get_strafed
Victim(s): The whole chat, inviduals
Temporary or Permanent: Permanent.
Incident: Get_strafed started off threatening some of our users, to ddos them and other dumb things. Then he started to be rude not only to us the staff, but the players. Then he left, right before he spammed about how much he likes our server. Mango did almost the same thing, spamming, being rude, and just generally a dickhead. I think they deserve a permanent ban. All they did was log on, argue, threaten and curse, then left. I don't think they'll ever come back.
Witnesses: Everyone in chat
Previous Actions: None.
Screenshots: Forgot the screenshot, as the chat was being spammed quickly. I can say everyone was a witness.

Other Notes: I hate these kinds of people.

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