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Jan 9, 2018
Town Name: LightFang

Mayor: LunaEvo

Assistant: [5] Saintpete,Maulecule,LordDwagz,TheGracefulFox,MystrasChosen

Lore: The Town of LightFang and its people started long ago in a Tekkit server where it grew and grew until everything was turned upside down when the server was shut off and the town of LightFang and its members were thrown into the dark in search of a new server.
Many years had Passed and Luna still in search for a new server even after everyone else had given up, He had searched tons of servers and then finally after a long search gazed upon a "New Hope" CraftBlock. Luna recruited some new people to play with from other games he had been playing with, and he founded the town of LightFang on this new server with his best buds Saintpete, Maulecule, Thegracefulfox and the server Pope himself LordDwagz.
It was a long and tough startup but days pass and the town grew bigger and bigger the town of LightFang and its people began to take notice in the server as it grew. LightFang joined UltimateDalas's nation Gucci Gang and doubled in size that day.
Then something Luna thought would never happen did..... All his Old friends who he had once built this city with had returned and joined the new server. The Town of LightFang is still not at Full power or Full Strength but soon Luna and his Pals will achieve what they had lost long ago. . . . . . THE END

Residents: [18] Whogoeswhere,IDontWantAName,MTDEW53,Stonewolfrangers,C0dii,2Legitx2quit,
SrPotato7u7,TheLoneChasul,Deathbypvt,Baji12,Koboabakraftz Saintpete,Maulecule,LordDwagz,TheGracefulFox,MystrasChosen

Shop Goods: A Rang of these all the way fro crafting blocks and basics along with some nether stars, Diamonds, Iron and Soon Slime Items.

Coordinates: XYZ -5513.349 / 69.00000 / 11592.186


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