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Dec 16, 2013
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Previous Actions:Though not noted as I mustve forgotten but I have kicked him before for xraying. He made excuses about his mining ways.  Ben4900 came on one day and replied to the excuse they as he was with another player were making. 
This time I had been observing him as he had been mining diamonds quite alot. Some of them legit as he was in a mineshaft and they were right there.   But I watched his paths and the moves he  did to make his way directly over to the area of diamonds. 

What blew it was he mined a small straight tunnel of maybe 10-15 blocks.  got the diamonds he wanted at the end of the tunnel. I saw about mid way he passed some diamonds as they were 1 block out from the mining.  He left the server. Went back to the diamonds he passed earlier beofre he left.  He mined no where else but at the exact spot covered with stone to retrieve the diamonds.  I did not remove any on him this time.

one time I saw him looking in the direction of the diamonds through stone.  He made a round about way to them instead of making it look tooo obvious he was going for them.

What I do notice about him is once he has retrieved his diamonds he will not continue his mining in that area.  but find another area close to diamonds - make a not so obvious track to them.
shows the mining area he was at.

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