Karma's a b*tch


Aren't you the guy wth all the commands?
Dec 16, 2013
I was playing on a fresh single player world collecting clay for my brick house when the sun started to set. My younger brother urged me to b-line to camp but I said "What? You think I can't fend for myself?" Just to prove my point, I whipped out my iron sword, amd took on a nearby skeleton. After a few arrows and sword strikes, the scum was downed. But I had taken serious damage as I had no armor and I couldn't heal myself as I had no time to eat without risking death and losing my stuff. I then said"Yeah, it's time to get back and I know the way!" So I headed towards what I thought was home for about 2 minutes when I realized I was lost. I had just turned around when "Ping!" I was dead and my stuff including my iron, coal, wood, and clay. Needless to say, I never took all my stuff with me again.

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