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Dec 16, 2013
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On December 14, I had been on cb for one year! ^^

So, Imma mark that time with the story on how I began on CraftBlock :D

64_Sodaz (my brother) found CB through BuildWorx, and he had played on it for a while, he and TicTacTory kept pressuring me to go on the server. They said it was really fun, so I decided to get on one day and I ended up loving it. 

My starting living area was in TwinCity, owned by Rorkster123. I became an assistant there and then soon moved onto creating OakValley with Tory (Spring Break 2013). We had owned the place for a while but we soon went to SunDale, as we began to get bored. 

A year is such a short time, yet there's so many people you can meet and so many great things you may do.

Farewell for winter, my friends. Rabbitz is hibernating.
Merry Christmas :D

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