jennystephi also known as mikeythebeast101


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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:jennystephi & mikeythebeast101
Victim(s):_SunDust_, priceys_
Temporary or Permanent:permanent for both accounts.
Incident:Griefed 116 blocks on jennistephi account and new found grief of 69= 185 blocks approx.
Witnesses:/co i
Previous Actions:
Other Notes:
mikey in chat said he was jennistephi and I got jag to check up on th ips and he said they were the same.

I have worked and worked with this player. Doesnt get it about respecting other players stuff. Doesnt keep the server rules. Has been explained to serveral times. Id say he young but thats no excuse for his continuos grief problems when it has been explained to him repeatedly.

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