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Dec 16, 2013
I can see how the jail is usefull. but if you use the jail please don't forget to let people out. I get a lot of people complaining about them stuck in jails, and no mods to be found. also it will be good to mark who's jail is whos...

Right now RForce4 is jailed and can't get out.
x: 2119
z: 7039
if someone can help that would be great :)
Never mind she is out, but still don't forget to let the people out :)


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Dec 15, 2013
I'd lean towards not using jails ever for any reason. If you forget to unmute someone, they can still play the game. If you jail someone, they can't do anything at all and it can ruin the game and make them leave.

TL;DR Don't jail people unless you release them. I wouldn't jail anyone at all.


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Dec 16, 2013
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I've jailed some players, and they of their own free will and choice plus frustrated and unwilling at first, chooses to leave the server before being uh jailed.

My reports should show any players I've chosen to jail, and an explanation to why, and what I was expecting to get from them in order for them to return back to community.  And it's usually a mere apology and commitment to not repeat the mistakes they'd made.

If I find a player in jail that I'm not familiar to why they are there, I'm not gonna let them out cause they want to get out. Who ever placed them in there did it for a reason, they most probably Broke a server rule and/or was not following the chat when questioned by staff.
If they can't remember I would then check any reports on the player and reasons why, then I would deal with them accordingly.

Of course we don't intend to leave them in jail forgetting they are in there.

When they return and start moaning, it's natural you might feel embarrassed cause you're part of staff and don't know why the player is jailed.

So you let them out assuming the staff who placed them there forgot to let them out? You might be right, but highly possibly incorrect, if you thought this. This kind of thinking is you lacking in finding out why the player was jailed in the first place.

I see using jail as a lighter term of discipline then a straight ban.
A kick might help but isn't always effective as the player usually returns and Carry's on griefing or whatever they are doing, ends up in a ban.

Jail is effective as it 
- straightway stops the player from causing any further damage on the server, 
- brings their attention to the chat if they have not been following it.
Cause once you have their attention can you then try to help them.
- if the player is resilient, we don't have to go back to the forums to sort problems out.  

But if this is a rule, not to use jail. Then I will not use jails. Cause this subject on jails I hVe brought up before
I don't jail a player with the intentions not to release them, that would be stupid. If they were ever at that point I would be permanently banning them.


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Mar 24, 2014
Yeah, that was me. I jailed them and then they logged out in jail, without saying a word to me about being jailed. Can you unjail someone that is offline? I haven't tried, but I would like to know for the future.


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