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Issue #46

Discussion in 'CraftBlock Weekly' started by Chiplover2, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Chiplover2

    Chiplover2 Deadbeat o3o

    Dec 20, 2013
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    CraftBlock Weekly
    Issue #46

    Hello all, and welcome to this week's new issue of the CraftBlock Weekly! Let's get right into it, shall we~?

    Weekly Digest
    As far as behind-the-scenes things go, there's a few things we can talk about:
    • It's been decided that the Residence plugin will replace Towny in the next update! Thank you all for your input, and we hope this will work out well for us!
    • We're considering throwing a couple other fun plugins into the mix for our upcoming server update, so get excited for what those might be, everyone!

    New Build Competition
    As of last week, @NintendoFrosty has announced that the next Build Comp's theme is based on Mythology! Click here to see more information if you're interested. Good luck to everyone who decides to participate! ^_^

    With this new competition, we can't forget to congratulate our previous winner, @RebelliousTiger, for winning the Sports competition! Here's a preview of what he's made. Click the picture to see Rebel's submission post! The more screenshots, the merrier~!


    CraftGames Updates
    Nintendo and I are literally bursting with new things to show you! There's so much stuff, in fact, that it's difficult to talk about all of it in one post... ;w; Once we can get our words together, we promise to wow you with CG's progress! Get excited, everyone! ;)

    NanoBlock Updates
    @GhostofHerobrine has a few super coolio things to say about Nano that everyone should know about. Yay for modded~!
    • The NanoBlock forums are almost up! It'll take a little more time, but rest assured that they're on their way! You guys are lucky... CG doesn't get any forums ;-;...
    • Donor ranks are almost done with being set up! Prepare to throw your money into the screen!
    • Interested in being a staff member on Nano? We need you! Contact @GhostofHerobrine or @Narbula (NanoMod) on our lovely forums here and they'll get back to you about the position. Good luck, all ye aspiring Teraby- er, Mods! ...damnit -u-
    Honorable Mentions
    Congrats to everyone that got promoted this week, and thank you to all our donators! Take a gander at all those people down there! Thank you all for participating in our community, guys! <3
    @CrystalDragon0 - Colonist
    @Sashadub - Colonist
    @GiraffeEla - Colonist
    @5Jango5 - Colonist
    @Direwolfy - Merchant
    @Hahnyu06 - Merchant
    @BlackSpiderS - Merchant
    @sweetcornandpeas - Apprentice
    @JESUSREAL - Baron
    @DryBones_38 - Ambassador
    @Aira4 - $22.99
    @IrishLiar - $8.97
    @Karan - $35.50
    @iessjca - $5.00
    @True_Ahimoth - $100.00 (Wow, thank you!)​

    Weekly Tidbit: Chip Flavor Poll
    Thank you for this super awesome idea, @iessjca! Vote for which flavor of chips you like the best below!

    Quote of the Week: @GhostofHerobrine
    This Quote of the Week is brought to you by @EbeeGirl.
    Console is so troublesome, always stalking everything you say, so why not eliminate the threat?


    Closing and Thank You
    And there goes another week~ It wasn't too busy in the way of news, but some important things did happen. Thank you all for catching up on the week with me, thank you for supporting the server, and thank you for all the kind words I've been getting on these Weeklys! They keep me going more than you know <3 Stay Crispy everyone! :chip
  2. zom999_playz

    zom999_playz Your friendly neighbourhood M.od
    CB Mod Crafter

    May 22, 2016
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    How does this even work? How do you BAN the console? Ghost, tell me your secrets... ;)
  3. GhostedEmbers

    GhostedEmbers I think I broke it. I really did break it huh,HAH!

    Jul 8, 2014
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    You make sure that you get your daily dose of Nanoblock and Memes through your locally provided IV drip x)

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