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Jan 11, 2014
Ever said to yourself, "I'm going to start a town!"? Want to be a successful town owner? Never even heard of towny before?

This is the correct place for you to be.

Hi, my name is Cbusker and I plan on getting you to be the master town owner you've always wanted to be. This is going to be fun, get ready...

Let's get started!
First things first, Making the town.

To make a town, start by saying, "/t new townname"

When making the hard decision of naming your amazing little town, remember there is one requirement on naming it.
There can be no spaces for example "Fun Land"
To correct that, simply do "Fun_Land"

You need to make sure you absolutely love your towns name, and that everyone will love it! Some cool ideas and tips of naming a town, are here.


Oh, you actually thought I was going to say 100 different names for you to use? Think again, lol.

Some ideas for thinking of a name are using old names that people actually used in the 1700s or so. You could also think, what the heck is my town about? When me and rbhusker were thinking a name for our town, we actually used GoogleTranslate. We knew that our town is based around a massive tree, so we used "Great Tree" or "Tree" in all sorts of languages until we found a name we absolutely loved.

Tips: Don't use names that aren't unique. My example, "Fun_Land" is really boring, and most people would think, "Wow, I wonder how much thought he put into that name, like five seconds..." You definitely don't want people thinking that.

Be unique, Be fun!

And use correct spelling and correct capitalization. It make your town look much more professional and they will most likely join a town that looks really nice, rather than a junkyard town.

Also, don't worry if you don't like your name! I'll talk about how you can change it later.

Well, enough with that... Let's actually talk about why were really here, on this really long wiki about towny.. Towny. Let's get to it!

Now that you made Fun_Land or whatever you want to call it, read this!

Ok, now that you've created a town, you will need to fund the town with some money so it doesn't fall into "ruin". In my opinion, a good start would be about 1,000|CB. So what you would say is:
"/t deposit 1000"
1000|CB is plenty, towny only costs you 10|CB every 12 hours in real life, so 1000|CB would last you fifty days? (If I did the math right, xD)
This command will put some money into your town's bank. What this plugin does, is if you don't have any money in your towns bank, it will fall into what they call it, ruin, then you can no longer continue building your town! I know, bummer. That's why we deposit money to the bank, right?

Now I'm going to teach you about plots and the spawn of your town and whatnot, so you can get on the road to having a good, successful town.

Towny uses what Minecraft is split up into called "chunks". Chunks are a 16 blocks long, 16 blocks wide, and 256 blocks all the way from bedrock to sky limit.

An easy way to find the correct area for the chunks is to type in //chunk. //chunk tells you what chunk you are on. This video shows you how to find the chunk that you are on, and how to make a plot!


Okay, now that you know how to make a plot I will show you how to make your spawn.

The spawn is the chunk on where you will be teleported to when you say "/t spawn".

Okay, on the plot where you want your spawn to be, go ahead and say "/t set homeblock"
With this command, it will set that chunk as the chunk where you can set the spawn. Now that that is the homeblock, you can set a specific location in the plot where they will teleport to.

By saying "/t set spawn", it will set the location where you teleport to. When you say that, be sure your standing exactly where you want to be and whichever direction you will want to be facing.

Okay! Now you be sure that you make a really nice spawn, as it is the first thing your brand new residents will see. Seriously, I've seen times that someone joins someone's town then they say "Eww, this spawn is ugly. I'm leaving town!". No one likes to hear that, so make something nice!

I sort of left you on a cliffhanger with normal plots, so let's get back to that.

Selling Plots:

Okay, this part is pretty simple.

Deciding how much you want to sell the plot for: you need to pick a price for the resident to pay to buy the plot, if you want it to be free, just put "0" in the price spot.

For example, say I wanted to sell the plot for 100|CB
I would say "/plot forsale 100". A simpler way to say that would be "/plot fs 100"

Now to help the resident out say something like this: "Say /plot claim to buy the plot!" Then after they get it, say something nice so they feel welcome in town.

There's two more types of plots besides a spawn plot and a normal resident plot.

1. Embassy Plots
An embassy plot is simply for anyone who wants to buy/own a plot in your town, but they aren't a resident in the town! All you have to do to make the plot an embassy plot is by typing "/t set Embassy"

2. Shop Plots
A town plot is a plot that a person in your town can own, the name of it pretty much speaks for itself. It's a shop plot. It is for putting shops on it. To make it a shop plot, type "/t set Shop".

Always make sure you have a lot of plots available. There is always a day when you are really busy, and there's like ten people that need a plot, but, you ran out! That's a big "uh-oh!" Just have lots of them ready for owners to claim them, so you don't have to worry about those days!

Okay, now you want to expand your town, but you don't have enough of what towny calls it, claim blocks! There's two ways to get more claim blocks, which I am going to explain here.

1. Recruit Members to Town
Every person you get to join your town, I'm pretty sure you get about four more claim blocks.

2. Have your town create or join a Nation.
Joining a nation or creating one gives you about 100 claim blocks, depending on how many towns are in that nation. I will talk about nations later.

This is a work in progress, it is not yet done.
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