Jan 19, 2014
New Jersey
Well, uh I am just going to express this all out but uh.. About three days ago my dog died. He was with me since birth like I remember him when he was a puppy. Now I am 13 and I grew up with him and did all of these things with him like when I took him to the dog park and etc. So I grew to love him and so my family noticed that he was limping so we took him to the doctor and found out that there was something that was hurting him and the only way too stop it was putting him too sleep. I found that out March 8. I was very upset and I actually cried and I have not cried since 4th grade. So it was then the day March 16, 2014 we went in and the doctor told me if I wanted I can do it but I just could not. But I did hold him while he was slowly drifting away and he just looked at me and after that I knew he was gone. Every since then my grades have been slipping and I am really upset. I try to focus but I always end up thinking about him. I just think I need some time off of things so I can get back on track.



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Dec 16, 2013
I'm sorry about your dog. The best thing to do is to not grieve for him, that's not what he'd want as it has noticeably affected your life. This kind of thing is hard to accept, I know. But the sooner you let him go, the better. If you want to talk to someone about it, I'm perfectly willing to do so :)


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Dec 16, 2013
I felt the same way when I had to put my dog to sleep. She was around before I was, and I was born a little after she was, so we practically grew up together just like your dog did with you.

Just remember:

The time you spend grieving over a man should never exceed the amount of time you actually spent with him. ~Rita Rudner
*or in this case, a dog*


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Dec 16, 2013
Michigan, USA
I'm sorry to hear about your fuzzy lil buddy, Sly. I got a little choked up reading this, because I was reminded of my fuzzy lil buddy, Lestat. My kitty cat. My little snuggle buddy. :( I had him since he was a kitten. Raised him like he was my own. :p He got sick, and I had to put him down. I cried harder that night than I ever have. And I've been in love and lost her before!

Everything ends. Everyone dies. Everything changes. As long as you live, he lives in your memories. Don't try to forget him. Don't try to replace him. Just remember him and continue to love him. Right now may be hard for you. I know the feeling. It will get easier as time goes on. I promise you that. Just live your life knowing that he loved you, too. His time with you meant more to him than your time with him means to you. But it all means the world if your love was mutual. Which I don't doubt it was.

If you feel like crying, there's no shame in it. Don't hold it back. Just try not to do it in public too much. Haha You can do what I did to help yourself, and make a build for him in Minecraft. Like a memorial.

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