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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:HypeX_Graffikk
Victim(s):Myself, DarkEclipse007, those in the server chat keeping up with the conversation
Temporary or Permanent:temp 30 min
Incident:I join the servr and Hypex had been getting into trouble with /eme.  Someone else was /eme and he tells me to warn everyone.. ends up he jut needed to respect those who asked him to stop.

Next issue was with Dark and 2 brkon glass panes- saying amir will ban him 2 weeks.  Well dark brought him 2 glass to repay for breakages. 

Next was getting grief from someone he was calling names but not really saying the players name he was referring to it could have been wwcheezeburger.  anyways i said the only person who can control stopping getting griefed was Himself.. so he turned on me so frustrated already and was telling me waht to do ... again. Telling me to shut up.
 Id had enough of his behaviour having tried to talk to him bout the first problems a builder telling me what to do as a moderator.
Other Notes:
only some screens i had taken

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