Hunter's jungle


Dec 16, 2013
Craiova (Pelendava), Romania
I am currently working on a minigame jungle that will challenge players' survival skills. It is filled with hidden spawners that will make it quite deadly.
It will have a mini shop where you will be able to trade the resources you gather by hunting both passive mobs and monsters.
Spawner number:
-passive mobs: 2 of each scattered throughout the jungle
1. You may not exit the jungle more than 10 blocks. Trying to do so will make you the target of one of the turrets.
2. No claiming. This is so others may have a chance to build their homes or reuse abandoned homes.
3. Breaking blocks is forbidden with exceptions: leaves, blocks you placed, blocks from an abandoned home (if it is not abandoned and you break it, it is considered griefing).
4. No mining/cutting trees. You are supposed to get those resources using the shop.
5. Your inventory must be empty with some exceptions: boots, needle gun with any type of ammo (medium weapon), thaumium dagger with moss (you will be able to improve it by using the shop; weak weapon at first), bow with power 5 and flame 1 (strong weapon), 3 pieces of any cooked food. If you do not have these, you will be given them, but you will have to return them (except food and used ammo) before you leave the server. Your name will be on a list here.
6. You may make a farm with any kind of plant.
7. You may use any weapon or armor you pick up and convert any item that you don't need into scraps for an alternative shopping item.
8. The safe area with the shop and crafting workshop will be closed at night.
9. You may not keep anything but mob drops when playing normally.

Everything is complete. I'm waiting for a final mod/admin/owner approval before I make it available to the public.

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