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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:Hunterm77
Victim(s):server1 day ban
Temporary or Permanent:
Incident:May little issues popping up with this player.
Incident about making a roof on his home of about 10x10 blocks or maybe even smaller. Kicked up a big fuss over making a roof.  We told him make the roof- get promoted then you can remove it. Sorted.Was told I was not a guy, im female.   But unecessary drama.
Another incident was making another fuss over something I cant remember but i caugth the end tail of the conversation in the screenshots.
Starts calling me a sir again, I tell him not to. he apologises.
Then later on he calls me to come to him - i said no- tell me what you want. (99% of what a player wants can be answered in the chat) He declines  then calls me sir again.
I found he made the choice to not respect what Iasked, when told to him very plain and clearly.
Witnesses:server chat
Previous Actions:None recorded.
another player jins the server claiming he was hunterm brother.  this could be poossible or complete lies with hunter evading a ban.   This player also griefs which ill put in a report soon about that incident.
Other Notes:
1 day with drama less hunterm yay!  learn from this.... or not.
But Choices have consequences. Make good choices that dont end in a ban or temp ban or mute.

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