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Jul 10, 2015
Do you want to share screenies of your stuff on the forums? This guide should help you do just that.
Some people have trouble using imgur, I hear. I can show you how to share your screenies in 5 simple steps. ;)

Step 1
Screen capture.

First, you need to take your screenshot.

PC: Press F2 in-game.

Mac: Press Fn+F2 in-game.

Step 2
Finding your Screenies

Once you find them, I like to move them to a different folder so I don't have to search all over the place for them later.

PC: Click the 'Start' button and search for "%appdata%". (AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/screenshots)
Note: Windows 7, Click on the Roaming folder. Older versions of Windows .minecraft should just be in the AppData folder.

Mac: (Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots/
Note: If you haven't taken screenshots, there is no screenshots folder.

Now that you found them, save them somewhere that you can find them easily. I just have a Minecraft folder in My Documents. Then I have different folders and sub-folders within that Minecraft folder for different categories, so they're organized and easy to find for future reference. It's especially helpful when trying to upload them online.

Step 3
Go to the site by clicking here.

3a - Click Computer to upload the screenies that you took and found with the steps above.

3b - Find the screenies that you want to share. You can select multiple images. But you'll have to wait until the site finds all of your selected images.

3c - This is where you wait for it to find them. Verify the amount of images you're trying to upload. I'm uploading 4 here. If they're all there, click "Start Upload".

3c - Wait a bit, until your screenies upload...

3d - Find the specific picture you want to upload. Or you can click "Create Album" near the top right. To share the link of the full album.

3e - Click on the image you want to share, and then copy this link to share a single image.

Step 4
Sharing your screenies on the forums

Now you're in a new message. See this icon right here?

Click it. That's to share an image link. Paste the imgur image link in the "URL" box. You can re-size the images with the width and/or height boxes.

I like to make the screenies a little smaller sometimes. Like all of these. You can still click on the screenies to view the full sized image once it's posted.

Step 5
Check, & re-check before you post!

Proof-read and check your post before you post it. Make sure everything is good. You may do so by clicking the "Preview Post" button, to the right of the "Post Reply" button on the bottom of the text box you've just written in. If you're satisfied with how everything looks, Post it!

If you have any questions, or you see something that I missed, or that is unclear. Please comment. Happy Sharing! :D

This guide was originally posted by @Uu_VALKYRE_uU. Thank you! :)
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