Help CraftBlock reach its monthly donation goal!

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Dec 15, 2013
If you go to our BuyCraft store (, you'll see this:

Showing the top donator of the month, our Donation goal and a progress bar showing how close we are for the current month.

The price listed is about the same amount we pay for all of the services that requires to run CraftBlock and all of our servers. Server, store, advertisements are some of the services.

Helping us reach our monthly goal would help us out extremely! We can grow, get more Minecraft servers and expand our current ones if we reach (or at-least get close to) our goal every month.

Even if you bought a rank, you can always donate just to help us out by going to our store ( and clicking "All". We would really appreciate it.

Remember, by donating you'll earn the sexy contributor badge:

And if you were to get top donator of the month, you'll get a forum award [coming soon] called: Top Donator, Top Donator x3, Top Donator x5, Top Donator x10 (Depending how many times you got top donator!)

Staff works really hard to keep these servers fun for you, please consider it so we can grow! Thank you.
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