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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:hellohell9999
Victim(s): server chat
Temporary or Permanent:temp 30min
Incident:So a player asked him not to swear cause he used "god d---"  He was asked nicely but chose to argue and repeat it serveral times.    
I wasnt asking him to believe in God but to respect the player when asked nicely to stop. Well he was determined to get his point across no matterwhat and it was causing alot of drama in the chat.
I told hiim to just stop, enough.  I understood he did not agree with i think it was rileyrocksmc nor did he care to respect him.  Hes back and has chosen to be more cooperative. It wasnt just riley others piped up to.  His little break and hes calmed now.

I think he was already riled up from not understanding the pstones thing and blaiming other for not telling him.

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