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The Random Panda
Dec 31, 2017
Head Data Base. Head Data Base is a hidden plugin only very few know about on our server. Head Data Base have over 1300 heads. I will list a few. Diamond Blueberrys, Acorns, Diamond ore, etc.

But you can not eat or use any of these as real block. Head Data Base Should be released to the public. I got told about the Head Data Base by a Admin. His name is zparx. He is one of the most trusted members. He Was building a british style town and i asked how did he get the things on the brick. He said "from the Head data Base. I asked him the command for it. He said /hdb. I sure enough tried it out. It worked I saw Many different catogorys of heads. So now the Head Data Base Plugin in released to the public.

Thanks to everyone who reads my wiki,

P.S. Try it out . I have used many thing from it like Midevil beer for partys.
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