Happy Birthday Camishami!



As the title said...

The reasoning for this is that Cami said in her introduction that her b-day was 11 days after she posted it (April 4th). Now it's 11 days later, and I'd like Craftblock to wish Cami a happy birthday! :)

Quick question for everyone in CB: What does a birthday truly mean to you?

My answer: A time for celebration! Considering you were able to survive this far... you should be pretty happy.

Again... Happy 26 Cami :D


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Dec 16, 2013
Michigan, USA
Happy Birthday, Cami! :D

Question: "What does a birthday truly mean to you?"

Answer: It means, I was born on a specific day. So I can keep track of how many Earth rotations have passed since then, according to a certain set of time keeping methodology that we all use today, to keep track of the changing seasons. Birthdays are more for other people than me really. I don't find them to be very important, or practical, in my life. But, that's my opinion. :p

Other people like them. So I have no problem wishing others a "Happy Birthday". I always wish that everybody's days are Happy. Birthdays are just another day to wish them a Happy Day on. Haha

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