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Jan 8, 2014
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Hi there!

So you want to make a town? Simple! To get started on your town, do /t create (name of town), and don't forget you will need 3k to make it!

To add a player to town simply do /t add (name of player).

So you are now probably wondering how to make plots you can actually sell and not worry about being incorrect in their dimensions or location? Worry no more because this wiki will help you with the plot system and more!

Info on Plots!

1- A plot is actually a chunk that you sell!
2- Plots/ chunks are 16x16 extending from skylimit to bedrock!
3- Only one person can own a plot.

Ok so here we go!

So here you are, and new mayor, and you just realized that being a mayor is going to be a lot harder than you thought, you don't know any of the commands! You have a new member of town, no plots, and no idea how to make one!

To claim the plot where the plot will go, do /t claim. This makes it a part of your town!

To get started off making a plot, you will have to find the corner of 4 chunks that are together. Use //chunk to find which chunk you are currently on.
Example- -123,123
Keep on going in a line until one of those numbers change.

When it happens to change, put blocks on the block your on, and the one before it. Those are two chunk edges together.

Now it will be easier, go in the opposit direction as you were going in a second ago. Wait until those change, and do the same as the last edges. You will have to make a block, 2x2, by putting the first 1x2 with the other one.

WARNING! Use the second 1x2 blocks you placed, or you will have a road in the middle of a chunk! Not good!

Ok so now lets say you want a road two wide!

You will need to find the other 3 chunk edges together, but you wont have to do //chunk!

A chunk is simply 16x16 as stated above, so go to your 2x2, and go to one of the corners, and count over 16, and keep going around until you have a square! You found the first chunk!

Continue by making it a 2x2 road all the way around, and theres your plot ready to be sold!

So now you have your first chunk for your new resident, but you don't know how to sell the plot!

The command is simple, go onto the plot and say /plot fs (amount)

The resident can then claim the plot by using /plot claim

Different Types of Plots.

1- Normal town plot.
2- Embassy plot.
3- Shop plot.

They don't do much as far as benefits, but it is a good way to let people know what kind of plot they are on!

- A town plot is a normal plot you sell to a resident of your town.
- An Embassy plot is a plot you sell to a person whom does not live in your town, but in another one. NOTE- they have to live in a town to get one.
- A shop plot does nothing, but it does say its a shop plot!

How do you set these you ask? Simple!

Use /plot set (Embassy, Shop) Note- You must be standing on the plot you want to change for it to change the one you want changed.

If you ever want to change where your town spawn is, simply do /plot set spawn.

Hope your town is successful, and this was a help! If I missed anything important, post below, and I will add it! I added the most important stuff!

(Adding some visual aids tomorrow.)
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