Electricwisard1 & dannychika8


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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:Electricwisard1 & dannychika8
Victim(s):resident of Nemus
Temporary or Permanent:temp 3 days
Incident:The went to harvest a farm- i told them to replant - they started  but then decided to grief the farm makee a hole in the town path.  I kicked them both.  They came back kept on griefing. I tp'ed them both to the spawn as I think rb or someone toed them there.  then I went back to see how much they had griefed the place.  Once I saw the amount of blocks theyd griefed in the town they werent allowed to grief I temp banned them.  Now earlier rb said office who was a friend of thier swas harvesting the farm but replanted. Office joined the server with an attitude.  But once she got to know people she calmed down and was more civil to the public.  I told rb to
Witnesses:/co i
Other Notes:
hockey pro saying he was danny but i saw them both moving around at the same time.

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