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Dec 20, 2013
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After that short advertisement... XD
Welcome to DoubleDip! I finally made a town, and this is it :p

What is DoubleDip all about?
DoubleDip's all 'bout being different from other towns. In fact, that's almost entirely its purpose (besides housing alls yalls ;)). 

The streets are paved with pumpkins, and plots are marked with melons... We never use wood fences; we always use the Nether ones, even if we have to resort to the non-matching gates, lol. Hell, our animal farm is officially called "Le Super Disco Brick-Shelf Pig Pen." XD (You have to say the full name every single time to get the full effect of its tubular-ness :L.) Oh, and it doesn't work if you don't say "le" either.

DoubleDip is also about not being boring X3. We (and by that I mean I; I'm all alone in my lil' fantasy as of today, lol) take pride in creative and derpy structures all over the place! Empty spaces are like the void; They're just there :/. Not very interesting. That's why you fill it up with BUILDS!!! XD 

[I'll put some screenshots here in five minutes, I solemnly swear.]

See an empty space? Feel free to build some sort of derp-tacular masterpiece in there, no questions asked! :D. But no 100-block tall dicks, please ;).

Well, that's my town so far... Come join so I can actually claim it! XD


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Jan 11, 2014
You could join Nemus' nation if you'd like, It grants the DoupleDip landia 140 extra claim blocks. ;)

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