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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
Needing a little clarity.

DO NOT use Creative Mode to build structures with high amounts of Lapis Lazuli blocks, Gold blocks, Diamond blocks, Emerald blocks and Iron blocks - these materials are grief magnets, and building with them alerts staff, potentially spamming their chat

The word "high amounts" whats an agreeable range for this to fall into?  Cause ones opinion can differ from another.

DO NOT use Creative Mode to place Beacons everywhere

Players like Ankle_Bitter  has used alot of beacons for his town

I saw he was using it for decorative reasons
town is
/t spawn AwesomeTown

Is there a number to the amount of beacons I remember seeing somewhere, maybe it was the old map of 5 as the amount?  Anyways new map.

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