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Dec 16, 2013
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(Yesterday 09:14 PM)tomrobans Wrote: said:
(Yesterday 08:52 PM)Holy_Rabbitz Wrote: said:
lots of thingggs
Sorry for being off topic but, why was DModcreeper2 asking where to go in order to make a server? i feel that is a rediculous question but also a advertising attempt.
Idk. He was being a little buggy to Ileel when making a room in the cruise too. @kawohi [Owner] , @xInZaxx [Owner] , what do you think?


Thought I'd post here since it's more for holy and maybe other staff to our  our thoughts on.

So from what been gathered, dmod wants info to make his own server.
Knowing that many players already have their own servers and now dmod wanting to make his..

Might I suggest you encourage him to talk about craftblock servers whilst he is playing on craftblock.  That you not here to help him make his own server.

.he was sending me to request, minor grief inme town I'll posts this later, .""""""" 


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Dec 16, 2013
He could be making his own to play with his friends, or for recording purposes? It doesn't seem like he wants to steal info or anything. I don't know haha. These are hard to deal with.

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