DeltaBeetle for Architect!


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May 22, 2016
Player: DeltaBeetle

Their current rank: Royal-SuperMod

So a while back Delta made a designer application but never posted it, this is it, with a few adjustments by me to add in more builds. He deserves the rank and to be recognized as a great brilliant amazing builder!


Your In-game Name: DeltaBeetle

Your Current rank: Royal (Now SuperMod)

Screenshots of at-least 10 builds (You MUST have 10 builds):

1 -
Meridian. This Desert Castle was inspired by the centre kingdom in Horizon Zero Dawn, I planned the tower design on graph paper and MCPE whilst I was on the beach. I really enjoyed making this little settlement in the middle of the kingdom, every building I created I got a feel of it all coming together. The settlement is also based on a normal desert village, as I feel as if the structures in Minecraft are honestly atrocious.

2 -
Mexico. As the name suggests, this was based upon a Mexican village, with red and yellow banners across the narrow streets, and rooftop gardens and plazas galore. I built this a long time ago, when I was less skilled at building, but the banners and the market stalls give it atmosphere and a real feel of a community. The edge of the city has a river, water also gives a town a feel of realism, like the well in Meridian.

3 -
Factory. Ever wonder why global warming and climate change exists? This is the reason, the pollution creator itself. When I built this, I used obsidian and coal blocks to detail the grey buildings, which make it look like giant nuts and bolts attaching the factory to it's sturdy framework. Smoke billows out of the chimneys and one burst pipe spews out toxic green waste - the next time it's 40 degrees celsius in the polar ice caps, you'll know what caused it.

4 -
Heaven Versus Hell. The two greatest powers in the universe battle each other relentlessly, and this a Minecraft insight into their vicious battle. Wolves and peacekeeping giants try to keep the peace, whilst demons command their troops to attack the other side. In a mystical world called the games server, you can control one of these sides - can you cease the battle? Translation: This is a DTC map that you can play on the /games server, where you have to destroy the enemy's core. Gl!

5 -
Mars Communications Tower. This small build was inspired by one of my favourite games, No Man's Sky. It wasn't really about the exterior of this one, the interior was really fun to do. On the landing pad, you can see my first starship (which looked really weird). Inside, there is a workbench with the status of the Communications Centre, and an alien focusing on his... whatever aliens do.

6 -
Rustic House. Exterior and interior, I was extremely happy with this build as a whole. The roof turned out the best though, the dark oak slabs spammed on the top actually turned out well xD I think the thing about this build was that I had polished andesite (a very versatile block) as a base block, and wood as my main - this meant I could do a lot more with the shape and the other details. I didn't use WorldEdit for this one, as it was such a small build, Actually I did when JustSam made it float into the air but that doesn't count xD The interior has a green theme, with a few paintings, an armour stand with a suit of chainmail on, and a pumpkin patch out on the front.

7 -
Hospital. Broken your leg? Twisted your elbow? I feel sorry for you if you have to go to this crazy hospital, full of unqualified Overwatch agents. I built this for alvaro's town, but he's not active anymore. I also built a starbucks for him, but I took a lot of ideas from a tutorial so I haven't included it in here. Outside, there are overgrown trees and gardens filled with a fast spreading rose plant. If you're in this neighbourhood, I'd suggest you travel the extra mile to go to the next hospital.

8 -
Bakery (Pascidia Delights). This is definitely one of my favourite builds, I took inspiration from Eberglades ice reflection floor, there is a piano for buskers that don't want to be on the streets of Pascidia. The build has a really nice red theme, with the shopkeeper's uniform in red and simple red banners hanging from the ceiling. This is my best build in the town of Pascidia - we'll get to the other later.

9 -
Ice Cream Shop (Gelato Extremo). I encountered many problems with this one, this is probably the most problematic build I've done. A blue and white theme, with an outdoor seating area and a band rocking the stage of the parlour. Treat yourself to a refreshing ice cream for a low price! I was trying to live up to the expectations of Pascidia Delights, but I knew it couldn't be as good. The band made this great though - I have to say that Armor Stand Editor is one of my favourite plugins! Well done koa for adding it!

10 -
Bio-Domes. Picture this, it's 1.99 and in Mojang's office, they need to think of something really good for Minecraft 2.0. In their testing lab, they create 3 Bio-Domes, Candy, SuperLarge and Desert Frontier. In the SuperLarge biome, bees are much larger than you, flowers tower over your head and ladybirds crawl through the gigantic landscape. In the Candy biome, there are candy canes, bourbons and chocolate rivers. In the Desert Frontier, there are dead trees, a T-REX skull and cacti dotted around the sandy plains. Who wouldn't want this in a Minecraft Update?

11 -
Mansion. Built in survival, this one was a pain in the neck. It's supposed to imitate a woodland mansion, but I think it looks more like a big wooden hotel, which isn't a bad thing. Since I'm doing 20 because I have WorldEdit, this would count as 2, but it has no interior so I'll count it as one. I didn't enjoy building this as much as other builds because I was shackled by the bonds of survival, however people were really suprised when I told them it was in survival.

12 -
Colonnade. This is next to the settlement of Meridian, this is their place of worship. Before I looked up the city of Adamantis, I had no clue what this was. It was an annoying project to undertake, as I built it at the time of WE killing itself. The colonnade itself looks quite good, it goes with the desert theme quite well.

13 -
Desert Temple - The centrepiece of Meridian, this pyramid holds treasure, but it's dangerous - dare to take the risk? I took inspiration from a Jeracraft video, him and Grian are two of my biggest inspirations. The blend between red sandstone and normal sandstone is actually really satisfying and I am quite happy with it. Who knows what lies in the secret catacombs? The parts I took from Jeracraft is the usage of the orange, detailed towers.

14 -
Manchester Church - When I heard about the terrible Manchester attack, I wanted to dedicate a build towards it. In my Mexico Village, I had an unused church, so I renovated it and gave it a bit of lore. The tower was in ruin, so the people of the settlement renovated it and added stained glass windows. You can clearly see the additional bit with the wood attatched onto the stone. There are 22 candles for the 22 lives that were lost in the terrible attack.

15 -
Weekly Build Competition Aztec Temple - This is a haunted aztec temple, me and zom worked on this for a WBC. On the exterior, it's very plain, but on the inside is a whole new level of creepyness xD There are many traps, (some designed by me) and a very nice floor. I was really happy with this, on the video zom didn't have very good screenshots so I got some myself.

16 -
Pagoda, my favourite build. I wasn't that comfortable with the design, but it went very, very well. I used a lot of detailing to incorporate the intricacies and the ornate feel of Japanese style temples. The cherry blossom trees use Pink Glazed Terracotta, which has a pink leafy texture. I like to use pink glass/panes to make holes in the tree to make it look more realistic. I did the same style of trees, just with brown in the Bio-Domes project. I took a lot of inspiration from a real design and a few minecraft images of other people's pagodas. The block palette, the bottom floor detail, and the roof aren't original, however the rest is all mine The trees do change throughout some of the screenshots, because Pink Glazed Terracotta got introduced xD

17 -
Mage Tower (Cyberspace Project) - This build was actually one of my least favourites, until I renovated it. The crystals are the power source for a wizards power, they look great in the night as they glow and look amazing I renovated the main building because the old one didn't exactly... work. The flooring of the disc is actually 159:9 (Cyan Clay) and 252:7 (Grey Concrete Powder), which work suprisingly well together! The idea for the floating gemstones comes from a Jeracraft video.

18 -
Skywars/Bedwars/Eggwars Map - Autumnal trees surround this colossal clocktower. I really struggled making 8 islands because you can’t do //rotate 17.5 so you have to make a whole new island to replicate around the centre. I didn’t want this to look like any other maps. This will be featuring on CraftGames soon! (I included all 3 types because I forgot what it actually is)

19 -
(Ok so Im not even going to take screenshots for this build, its just too big! To check it out, go to /wildwarps, turn left then click on the EyeObservatory sign)
Observatory. By far the best solo-build I’ve ever done. A huge, golden telescope is in the main dome, along with 3 lifts. Upon exiting the lift, there is a giant complex below the observatory for the scientists, astronomers and physicists to work. There are also some recreational rooms in the complex, like a TV, basketball net, sofas and more. My favourite room is probably the hub room, I love the mars rover, but then again the kitchen really looks good.

20 -
(Like the above, the build is just too big and detailed for screenshots, to see it, do /aero and click the Ship sign to your right)
Steampunk Floating Airship. This thing is huge, detailed and a pain in the bum to make! I made this with my pal Solow7, so gratz to him too. This was a co-build, so I take half of the credit. There are 3 tiered house levels, the bottom level is the poorest, and the top level is the richest. I decorated every single one of those houses, and it was a pain. I’m only going to have 3 screenshots of this, as it’s going to be used as the SkyBlock spawn so you can have a look around yourselves. ^_^

What do you plan to do with Designer?:
I plan to build with my designer friends, take part in the new forge team and improve as a builder! Building is a passion for me and I absolutely love it! I have the same permissions as a Forge Designer, but it's not about the permissions for me... if you're applying for a mod, you shouldn't be doing it for the creative, you should be wanting to help people. And I think this is the same for a Designer, you've got to be passionate for building if you want to succeed.

Would you like to be in Forge?:
Misskoa said something about getting a new forge team sometime in the future, and I'd love to be a part!

Any notes you'd like to add?: If I do get accepted, can I keep my Supporter Rank on Discord, and all my permissions/unlimited homes please! I've taken Designer as a seriously important rank (you can probably tell by the essay above ^) and every small compliment means a lot to me! My projects list is ever expanding, one that's gonna be interesting is a modern city that me and solow are going to make!

P.S - When I got on this server, I had no clue how to build, 2 years practice and a whole lot of inspiration from iKraxus and Thomastommygun, I progressed so much! The reason I made 20 builds, is that it says people with Royal/Elite need to do 20, this was probably the hardest part.


He now has created many more builds, here are just few!

Also I know you can not apply for Architect, but I was told I was able to make an application.[/hr]
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Jul 20, 2017
I don't know if i can says anything but I think that he should get it. I vouch. If I can.


I've been on this server for years.. HIII ❤
Aug 15, 2017
Magical land?
I don't know if i can says anything but I think that he should get it. I vouch. If I can.
You still have a say in things :p :3

Also, I vouch, he has become, as was even before, an excellent builder. 10/10 builds :p definitely deserves it!


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Aug 16, 2016
Texas, USA
Dis boi better still be mod if he makes because he is too damn good at his job.

Vouch if he keeps mod.


Jan 2, 2015
Vouch, we could use more architects. and he made some nice spheres... I mean planets


Nov 15, 2014
Long Island
I would LOVE to see @DeltaBeetle as Architect as much as I would LOVE to see @DeltaBeetle play around with more color theory and block contrast in his builds! I probably sound like a project runway panelist rn but I want to see him take risks! He has great concept development and creates fantastic stories in his builds which isn't an easy feat. Great job!


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