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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:CuddlyPoofBear
Victim(s):_SunDust_ and everyone in the chat at the time.
Temporary or Permanent:Temp 3 days
Incident:A while back cuddly asked me to remove some chest he is "sick of looking at."

Backtrack:  He invited some players to live in his town. Players who come on the server as often as I do.  For whatever reason they are no longer in the town and cuddly is now calling on me or maybe other mods to clean up his town cares.

My reply to cuddly was have the owners of the chest remove it themselves by reinviting them-collecting their stuff-then they can leave.
His reply: but they have left town
I told him to be patient and wait for them to come back on.
Well for whateer reason these players are no longer apparently cooperative according to cuddly and refuse to remove them.

It seems a problem has started between cuddly and these players and he cant mend whatever bridge is broken between them to come remove their stuff.  These player faginator and bubblehead are good players. If I were a builder and asked them respectfully - im sure they be only too happy to remove them.

So why cant cuddly do that.  Next thing was suggested he make other plots.  He says he cant.  I had a look at his area and he was surrounded by plenty of land around the town. He didnt wanna do the extra work. Moaned about his shovels.

All the while this was going on he was throwing in f**king  etc

I did kick him once for being disrespectful and accusing me of not doing my job.   I wanted him to help himself. Which I felt he was refusing to do all he could to fix the problem but finding an easy way out and getting a mod to fix it.  This is not the first time this has happened.  This also happened with inkblotmaskman. I helped him with ink but you would have thought he wouldve learnt from this problem not to make the same mistake.

Players told him to stop but he refused.  I told him to stop- he refused and started complaining again when Holy came on.

Then Holy_Rabbit told me to stay out of it in the public chat. I culdve dealt with him earlier but thought he had settled down. But no he was still angry at me and startd again when Holy came on.

Well I had had enough of his continuos complaining. I did tell him if he wanted to complain go make a post of forums which he declined in the chat.

Yes I could easily break the chest and move it somewhere for him so he could play on his merry little way till the next problem arises and he goes running to a mod to take care of his town problems.

I also suggested he say something about players leaving their stuff in town and its removal in their town rules.

I told him to be patient and wait for the players to come back

End story He refused to stop complaing and bringin unecessary drama to the chat and was banned.

Update:  I asked bubble a few questions about what happened. Bubbles said he would come get his stuff. What confused him as he said to cuddly hed come get his stuff and why cuddly said bubbles wouldnt.  Bubbles will when reinvited come collect his tiems and leave the town.


Feb 16, 2014
I was on at that time. It was annoying. He spammed and no one can get through the chat. I understand why you temp banned him. I would in all of the frustration and confusion.

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