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CraftGames CraftGames Update #12: Way too much for an update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by NintendoFrosty, May 20, 2017.

  1. NintendoFrosty

    NintendoFrosty The Frosty Musician
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    Jul 26, 2014
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    Hey everyone! Now that we've gone through a lot of things (the hacker, the 1.11 update, me being lazy about the server, and even more that's just too much to explain here), I'm coming back full-circle to improve the server for all of you. With that said, let's hop in with this huge update! (Yes, this is a long update XD We hope you guys can stick through this.)

    Along with this, with the time spent working, then not working, the reset coming, and stuff of the sort. A lot of this is also old news, but I believe should still be stated in this forum, just to be more on record.

    Chiplover2: CraftGames Admin!
    As said in her Weekly a while back, @Chiplover2 is an official CraftGames Admin! Chip has been helping me work on lots of cool things, like setting up maps and planning more updates to the server. As well as helping me, she is also encouraging me to work harder than ever and inspiring me to make CraftGames great!

    Games We Lost
    This is mostly due to our 1.11 update. Since these games weren't updated from 1.10 yet, they won't run on our server at the moment, including Super Build Battle. Along with this, TTT isn't continuously working when we have it up, only for a short time so for now, this is also going to be down.

    Introducing Paintball!
    This addition has been here for a while now, but it's about time we officially announce it! Paintball includes many different gamemodes to try out and play. These include:
    • Team Death Match: a team-based game where you aim for the most kills,
    • Destroy the Core: a race between teams to get to the other team's "core" and destroy it, while also keeping your own protected,
    • Rush the Flag: a race to grab the flag in the center of the map and bring it back to your base, and
    • Domination: another team-based mode of play where you capture and defend points on the map, to try and get the most points!
    Chip and I have been slowly adding this in, adding more maps for the different gamemodes as we go, so we're proud to officially announce this game to everyone! Also want to give special thanks to DeltaBeetle, who had built the Destroy the Core Map: HeavenVsHell with the help of zom999_potato. Welcome to the team, Paintball!

    Draw Better Things
    For those of you who have played Draw my Thing before, we all know about some of those absurd phrases you'd come across, such as "Steve" and "A very very long word." Thank the jeebus above, because those dark times have now long passed! Thanks to some finagling inside the config files, those terrible words have been removed, and a much larger variety of words has been added in their place; over double the words we used to have! Happy drawing, everyone!

    Mob Arena and MAShop!
    Before, Mob Arena has been broken, because mobs wouldn't spawn, but now MobArena is back! We've added some awesome new maps to play in, as well as a shop where you can sell those useless reward items for money! You can get to this shop via warp sign at spawn.

    Chip and I have also been working on adding new classes that you can choose from! Well, they're not necessarily new, but they're a refinement on the ones that are provided by default, and have a more specialized set of weapons, armor, and items. Try them out and see what you think!

    With this shop added, we're hoping that we can implement an economy on CraftGames, so people have a reason and incentive to spend their money that they get through playing games. That might take a while, though, so for the meantime, Happy Slaying!

    Switching Around Maps!
    The first Capture the Flag map we've had for this game has been relatively basic at best, so we decided to give it more of an improvement. Chip herself has been working on this to improve it visually and give it more of a theme. It is now called Canopy Clearing, and is currently in service as a DTC (Destroy the Core) Paintball map.

    Since we didn't want to leave a hole in CTF, in the previous map's place, we found another cool CTF map that you guys can play on, called Woodfort. We think this switch was for the best, so we hope you enjoy playing on these new maps!

    New SkyWars Maps!
    After losing one of our maps, we have now added more maps to SkyWars! The sign at the SkyWars warp sign still chooses maps at random, but there will now be more maps that cycle through. As of now, we have three SkyWars maps ready to play for you guys, and even more incoming to add more variety to how you play!

    New CubeRunner Map!
    We've had only one map for this game for so long, so we're finally adding more! There is now a new CubeRunner map that Chip made! It's a LOT more difficult to survive in, due to its tricky terrain, but that just adds to the fun, right? :p We're planning on adding more maps to CubeRunner in the future so each map has its own style of play.

    Introduction to BedWars!
    After some requests for this, and then fixing the buggy mess it turned out to be, we finally have BedWars up and running! Similar to SkyWars, but more economically driven,

    More Bugs to Fix!
    Yes, we are aware that there are probably a few bugs, but we are not aware of. So far, the one we are aware of right now are that some of the Mob Arena Classes are broken, in different ways between the maps.

    Are there other bugs you have noticed around the CraftGames server? We may not be aware of them, so please let us know by posting about it here! http://craftblock.me/forum/craftgames-help/. We'll be sure to get to it as soon as possible!

    Good God It's Over!
    Wow, that was a lot of words! We apologize for not having an update post for so long, but we wanted to be absolutely sure we had all of these things done before we shoved out our next post. Thank you all for reading! Game on, everyone! ^_^

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