CraftBlock Weekly #79


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Jun 20, 2015

» Issue No. 79 ~
Hey Guys! Sorry for the week long delay on the Weekly, but here it is! Had some obstacles within the past week but here we are! Welcome to the number 79 Weekly for our lovely server.

» Craftblock General News!
Alright we got a ton of updates for this week, here's some awesome stuff!

» Sneak peek of Craftblock’s Annual Christmas Town!
As the holiday season thickens, you’re digging out sweatshirts from the depths of your closet, the latte flavors plunge into decadence... then before you know it, you’re singing “O Christmas Tree” while covering everything in boughs of fir, lights, candycanes, the ornaments you hand-crafted in pre-school. After a while, you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest, considering how long it would take to make popcorn garland (spoilers: a really long time).

Oops, sorry, got lost in nostalgia there for a moment. Anyway, we’ve been working on an open community-built Christmas Town for everyone to come together and build in a festive holiday environment! We’re slated to be releasing the area in just a few days, so keep your eyes peeled for a warp sign in Spawn!

» Discord, Temporary Voice and Text channel!
To collaborate with the upcoming Annual Christmas Town, we added 2 new channels for communication for this project! Just like we did for the Halloween event, we added a text channel named #northpole and a voice channel named #Holiday Workshop. Drop us a line in the chat on Discord to discuss your ideas and collaborate with your fellow Craftblockians! As Jess stated above, it will be released very soon so get ready to build if you want to help!

Little reminder for you guys who have yet to join us on Discord, come join the fun here at !!!

» Forums Updates: Oooh, pretty pictures to look at!
Did you know that penicillin was discovered accidentally? After a fair amount of time evaluating the readability of the forums front page, Jess stumbled across an option that displays each forum with an icon! Aren’t they neat? Now everyone can quickly find which forum they’re looking for. Go check them all out!

» Staff Changes
» Promotions:

  • KittiePai

  • the2875

» Demotions:
  • GirlGamerLily, Ambassador to Pioneer

» Honorable Mentions!

Thank you to the following people for their recent purchases from our online store!
  • Rebellious_Tiger - $4.00
  • BasicToaster - $15.50
  • Super_Steve99 - $35.50
  • HeroBrain42 - $2.00
Your support is vital in enabling CraftBlock to fulfil its mission to provide you with an awesome Minecraft gaming experience and community.

We rely solely on supporter funding to achieve this mission and you can help us ensure the continued operation and development of CraftBlock by making a purchase from our online store. We ask if you do enjoy the server and community that you please consider supporting us today.

» November Top Voters as of Now!
  1. TF2Trash, 93 votes!!!
  2. GeneralRamen, 79 votes!!
  3. HeroBrain42, 66 votes!
  4. BasicToaster, 56 votes
  5. IncitedRage, 58 votes
  6. AreYouBready, 57 votes
  7. Phantom_Paladin, 53 votes
  8. SkylanceTV, 43 votes
  9. Komaquest, 36 votes
  10. DuvakeenSnow, 34 votes

Player Promotions!

  • AreYouBready
  • Nisha_Anika
  • CACT00S
  • MisterRooji
  • Phantom_Paladin
  • TF2Trash
  • Zanthuz
  • Quinn275
  • Invisibleraider

Want to rank up for some additional perks? Apply for your next rank on the forums here:

» Quote of the Week:

Since I missed out last week's weekly, I thought I would add 3 more quotes of the week to this one. Overall, these 4 just bring a smile to my face. In the top, left one, a few of us started nicking everyone on at the time as Brad's past names. It was honestly great while it lasted. *Chants* "One of us, One of us." Then with the top, right one, I came back to seeing Dry say that. My immediate response was that of course.

Now with the bottom left one, I kinda nuked everyone on at the time, shh. Anyway, Liv of course almost died but didn't. Her "complaining" led to someone (me) to doing /kill on her, lmao. For the last one, the bottom right one, we were talking in admin chat. Taz, being the lil troll he can be, made this remark after my 54th time saying "I stg" that day. Probably wasn't actually 54 times, but it could happen.

» Fun Times
Throughout my times on Craftblock, I experience some pretty interesting things with my friends. From spamming our party chat to doing the most random stuff in the most random locations. Having these moments are a great thing about our community. You get to make the best of friends who you can share memories with. Even though Craftblock is technically made up of plugins, and other things. I think the core of this community are the players who spend their time on here. Making friends and building amazing builds. These are a few examples of the weird things we do here <3<3.

Of course, while working on a project, we get side tracked. Just messing around with minecarts and animals. I saw this design that either Jess or Dry was working on and thought, "Huh, wouldn't that be a little fun if I just..." and it led to this. Guilty as charged. ~Wolfie

Then of course, we have our little chicken fights. This isn't the only time it as happened. We just use jockey and get on each other's backs.

» Player of the Week: Apple
We love and value every single one of you guys here on CraftBlock, but once a week we like to pick one you guys that have been being a good cookie around the community. Therefore we have a Player of the Week!

Player name? RottingApple
First Joined? About 6 months ago
Favorite Color? Navy Blue
Dream Job? Author
What would your Subway sandwich include? Just cheese and ham, cause I'm basic
Favorite overall Staff member? WolfiePai <3
Favorite side server? Choco ftw
Fighter or a Builder? Builder, trying to get better at it

» Build of the Week: Delta
Scrolling through the #projects channel on our discord channel, I found a little bakery that Delta made. I thought it was a cute build that I should feature here. Delta is one of our Moderators and even recently became SuperMod. I have seen him experimenting around with his new voxel perms and he has been creating a few interesting looking builds. I have heard him talk about making spikes a lot with it.

» Closing, and Thank You!
Thank you all very very much for reading this week's weekly. The official Craftblock Weekly Issue 79, the one and only! I would like to apologize for not being able to get this one out last Monday. I know most of you guys were disappointed you couldn't read a fantastic novel, like you normally do every Monday (all jokes, these are probably terrible). Anyway, I'd like to thank Jess for saving my butt and help me write this once again. Where would I be without her <3<3<3. This is also going up a bit late so sorry once more.

Overall, I hope EVERYONE had an amazing Thanksgiving. Whether you celebrate it or not. I am very thankful for you guys and our community. I expect everyone to have a safe and easy week and a great rest of the year.



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Pretty picturesssss :eek:oo updates. (Don't blame me I'm busy, also not making any sense, I'm tired. Sh!) Kbai ❤❤❤

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