CraftBlock Weekly #78


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Jun 20, 2015

» Issue No. 78 ~
Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Craftblock Issue 78. We have some news for you guys this week, and some updates on things as well.

» Craftblock General News!
Alright we got a ton of updates for this week, here's some awesome stuff!

» Old Rank Comes to Life!
After our lovely kaokia became Admin, the SuperMod rank has slowly died. But recently our amazing former Mod, Delta, brought it back to life! Everyone, lets give DeltaBeetle a round of applause for being an excellent Moderator of the server. He truly deserves this rank.

Speaking of ranks. Our consultant, Asa, has given our staff ranks a new look! Most of you have probably already seen them, but here are the updates. All the Admins are now matching! The Admin prefix now looks like this «Admin». All the ranks, Amby+, now have arrows like brackets. Or as Woof calls em, arrackets. Here is a small list of what they look like now:
  • «Ambassador»
  • «TrialMod»
  • «Mod»
  • «SuperMod»
  • «Admin»

» Weekly Build Competition ~ Halloween
The halloween build competition has come to a close and you've all voted for your favorite winner! It was a close vote, but steering24 edged by at the last minute!

steering24's Pumpkin Dance

steering24 will win 1000 tokens and a custom symbol in their prefix for winning the competition!
Another honorable mention that wasn't able to be entered, but nonetheless is truly spooky:

king_leoni's eyes of terror! Some of you may remember king_leoni as a Forge Leader from a few years back. He's made a lot of the buildings in Spawn & it was a pleasure having him around again today!

» Server Updates - Weekly Build Competition
Did you get the feeling that something was missing around here? Ileel reached out to us and is recovering from getting into a car accident, so we're putting the build competition on hiatus until December. Make sure to drop Ileel a line to send him some words of encouragement throughout his recovery! :oioi:

Don't get the coal out just yet, we'll have a special extended holiday edition of the WBC once December begins.

» StaffCity Updates
As you guys saw last Weekly, I took over a project that Suz started, You can tell from this photo that there has been a lot of updates, statue wise, within the past week. I would like to thank the people who have helped me with this so far. This project might be done by 2018 but no promises ;). If I ever get to it, there will be a warp to it so that anyone can easily warp there and see all the current staff we have! If you guys wish to see the project right now, just go to the Neptune wildwarp. Hope you guys enjoy it!

» Some Plugin Updates
Ever since the server updated, the plugin that allows us to get custom heads never came out with an update itself. Well now, Head Data Base finally came out with an update, one of our Owners, Frosty, installed the updated one. Now we can once more do /hdb and use them to decorate out cozy little homes!

» Staff Changes
» Promotions:

  • Sp4rks87
  • Kirbypsycho
  • bottledtapwater
  • DeltaBeetle

» Demotions:

» Honorable Mentions!

Thank you to the following people for their recent purchases from our online store!
  • shxrply - $10.50
  • WolfiePai - $5.00
Your support is vital in enabling CraftBlock to fulfil its mission to provide you with an awesome Minecraft gaming experience and community.

We rely solely on supporter funding to achieve this mission and you can help us ensure the continued operation and development of CraftBlock by making a purchase from our online store. We ask if you do enjoy the server and community that you please consider supporting us today.

» November Top Voters as of Now!
  1. SkylanceTV - 43 votes!
  2. Johannagert - 31 votes!
  3. Crushking33 - 22 votes!
  4. Archgineer - 21 votes
  5. TF2Trash - 20 votes
  6. SeanBrodie - 18 votes
  7. ThatOneHusky995 - 17 votes
  8. IncitedRage - 17 votes
  9. Dicu - 17 votes
  10. Blitzblaze - 15 votes

» Player Promotions!

None. ;(

Want to rank up for some additional perks? Apply for your next rank on the forums here:

» Quote of the Week: OMG!

So something happened here for everyone to be like "ohmergerd." Do I know what? Nope, but probably Brad does since he sent me this. There have been times where something happens like this. Where someone says something and everyone just repeats it. I usually always screenshot these moments because why not? Looking back at memories within a few years is always a great thing to do.

» Player of the Week: CBDragon
We love and value every single one of you guys here on CraftBlock, but once a week we like to pick one you guys that have been being a good cookie around the community. Therefore we have a Player of the Week!

Player’s Name: CBdragon
When did you Join CB? Early last year
Favorite things about CB? I think the community is amazing.

Favorite food? Chicken Parmesan
Future Plans on CB? I plan on working towards designer
Favorite Color? Purple

» Build of the Week: zom999_playz
One of our fantastic Mods, Zom, has built a cool mini-game. I can see him doing this of course because he helps out Frosty on our CraftGames server. Now, zom's mini-game consists of hooks and pigs, which is all I know about for now

It also seems like a bit of redstone was built for this. I, myself, am not good at redstone at all so this was probably easy. I'm just a noob :frogdance:. Zom also mentioned to me about a possible area where people can build their own type of mini-game! This seemed interesting so I thought I'd include it too. We want to see your guy's ideas of mini-games you find interesting to entertaining. Just keep your eye out for Zom to anounce it some time in the future.

» Closing, and Thank You!
Thank you once more for taking your time to read this week's Weekly. Once more, I'd like to thank Jess for helping me out by adding the WBC news. Also Kao with the Player OTW. If you guys have any ideas on things that should be included in next weeks Weekly, just let me know! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and continues playing on our amazing server. :kawaiihappy:

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annnnd i want to die
Aug 16, 2016
Texas, USA
wow you couldnt see my personal plot in staff city get banned for disrespecting my culture as a minority

but 10/10 weekly otherwise


Professional weeb
Jul 29, 2017
Great weekly as always, but wow where is Tyler under supermod smh


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May 29, 2016
Lovely weekly Wolfie! Damn, have to wait another week for another one.


Aug 11, 2017
Wolfie's weekly's make me a happy bean


Feb 10, 2016
Its because the server kept crashing xD. lit weekly <o/

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