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CraftBlock Money Making Guide

To start making money there are options available to you such as JOBS
there are currently 12 jobs in the game.

  • Woodcutter
  • Miner
  • Builder
  • Digger
  • Farmer
  • Hunter
  • Explorer
  • Crafter
  • Fisherman
  • Weapon Smither
  • Brewer
  • Enchanter

Just type /jobs in-game to get a list of job options such as...

(Or you can input the command directly to go straight to that option)

/jobs join [JobName] - Shows the selected job
/jobs browse - Shows List of jobs available for you
/jobs Bonus [JobName] -Shows Job Bonuses
/jobs info [JobName] [Action] -Shows how much each job is getting paid & for what
/Jobs stats [PlayerName] -Show the level of each job you are apart of
/jobs points [PlayerName] -Shows how much points players have
/jobs top [JobName] - Shows top 15 players by jobs name

To Join a Job Type the following :

example:: /Job Join Fisherman
You can have Up to 2 jobs at the same time
Experience earned can be converted into tokens
10 levels per token Which can be spent in the Enchantment Room /enchantroom
(currently, the multidrop enchantment does NOT work)

Here is a list of job type, exp, and cash payout.
To find what you're looking for quicker Use Quick Find with Holding down CTRL + F

Earns Money felling and planting trees
Max Level: 200
Valid Actions Are: Break

Block XP Cost CB Cost
Oak Wood 1.20xp C1.20
Spruce Wood 0.50xp C0.50
Birch Wood 1.20xp C1.20
Jungle Wood 0.50xp C0.50
Acacia Wood 1.20xp C1.20
Dark Oak Wood 0.50xp C0.50
Oak Leaves 0.25xp C0.25
Spuce Leaves 0.25xp C0.25
Birch Leaves 0.25xp C0.25
Jungle Leaves 0.25xp C0.25
Arcacia Leaves 0.25xp C0.25
Dark Oak Leaves 0.25 xp C0.25

Earns money mining minerals and ores.
Max Level: 200
Valid actions are: Break, TNTBreak, Place

Block XP Cost CB Cost
All Stone 0.50xp C0.50
Granite 2.20xp C1.20
Diorite 2.20xp C1.20
Andesite 1.20xp C1.20
Coal Ore 1.00xp C1
Sandstone 0.50xp C1.20
Chiseled Sandstone 1.20xp C1.20
Smooth Sandstone 1.20xp C1.20
Glowing Redstone Ore 5.00xp C5
Iron Ore 3.50xp C3.50
Gold Ore 5.00xp C5
Lapis Lazuli Ore 5.00xp C5
Diamond Ore 7.50xp C7.50
Emerald Ore 12.50xp C12.50
Nether Quartz Ore 2.00xpC2
Obsidian 1.50xp C1.50
Moss Stone 3.50xpC3.50
Nether Brick 1.00xp C1
Nether Brick Stairs 2.00xp C2
Nether Brick Fence 1.00xp C1
Netherrack 0.10xpC0.10
End Stone 0.50xp C0.50
All Prismarine 3.50xp C3.50

Block XP Cost CB Cost
All Stone 0.50xp C0.50
Granite 1.20xp C1.20
Diorite 1.20xp C1.20
Andesite 1.20xp C1.20

Block XP Cost CB Cost
Rail 0.50xp C0.50
Iron Ore -3.50xp -C3.50
Gold Ore -5.00xp -C50
Diamond Ore -7.50xp -C7.50
Emerald Ore-12.50xp -C12.50
Nether Quartz Ore -2.00xp -C2
Lapis Lazuli Ore -5.00xp -C5
Glowing Redstone ore -5.00xp -C5

Earns Money for Building Structures
Max Level: 200
Valid actions are: Place

Block XP Cost CB Cost
Concrete powder 1.30xp C0
Concrete 1.30xp C0
Mycelium 1.30xp C0
Polished Granite 2.00xp C1.30
Polished Diorite 2.00xp C1.30
Polished Andesite 2.00xp C1.30
Cobblestone 2.00xp C0.70
All Wood Plank 2.00xp C1.50
All Wool 2.00xp C1.50
Gold Block 2.00xp C1.50
Iron Blocks 2.00xp C1.50
All Slabs 2.00xp C0.80
Bricks 2.00xp C1.50
Bookshelf 2.00xp C1.50
Moss Stone 2.00xp C1.50
Obsidian 2.00xp C1.50
Oak Wood Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
Chest 2.00xp C1.50
Diamond Block 2.00xp C1.50
Crafting Table 2.00xp C1.50
Furnace 2.00xp C1.50
Ladder 2.00xp C1.50
Cobblestone Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
Ice 2.00xp C1.50
Snow Block 2.00xp C1
Jukebox 2.00xp C1
Oak Fence 2.00xp C1.50
Glow Stone 2.00xp C1.50
All Stained Glass 2.00xp C1.50
Wooden Trapdoor 2.00xp C1.50
Stone Bricks 2.00xp C1.50
Iron Bar 2.00xp C1.50
Glass Pane 2.00xp C1.50
Oak Fence Gate 2.00xp C1.50
Brick Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
Stone Bick Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
Nether Brick 2.00xp C1.50
Nether Brick Fence 2.00xp C1.50
Nether Brick Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
Enchantment Table 2.00xp C1.50
End Portal Frame 2.00xp C1.50
Redstone Lamp (Inactive) 2.00xp C1
All Wood Slab 2.00xp C0.80
Sandstone Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
Ender Chest 2.00xp C1.50
Emerald Block 2.00xp C1.50
Spruce Wood Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
Cobblestone wall 2.00xp C1.50
Trapped Chest 2.00xp C1.50
Redstone Block 2.00xp C1.50
Hopper 2.00xp C1.50
Quartz Block 2.00xp C1.50
Quartz Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
AllStained Clays 2.00xp C1.50
Acacia Or Dark Oak Leaves 2.00xp C1.50
Acacia Wood Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
Dark Oak Wood Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
Iron Trapdoor 2.00xp C1.50
Sea Lantern 2.00xp C1.50
Hay Bale 2.00xp C1.50
Hardened Clay 2.00xp C1.50
Block of coal 2.00xp C1.50
Packed Ice 2.00xp C1.50
Red Sandstone 2.00xp C1.50
Red Sandstone Stairs 2.00xp C1.50
Red Sandstone Slab 2.00xp C0.80
Sprice Fence Gate 2.00xp C1.50
Birch Fence Gate 2.00xp C1.50
Jungle Fence Gate 2.00xp C1.50
Dark Oak Fence Gate 2.00xp C1.50
Acacia Fence Gate 2.00xp C1.50
Spruce Fence 2.00xp C1.50
Birch Fence 2.00xp C1.50
Jungle Fence 2.00xp C1.50
Dark Oak Fence 2.00xp C1.50
Acacia Fence 2.00xp C1.50
All Prismarine 1.90xp C1.30

Earns money for Terraforming the world
Max Level: 200
Valid Actions are: Break, Custom kill


Block XP Cost CB Cost
Snow Block 0.50xp C0.50
All Dirt 0.25xp C0.25
Grass 0.50xp C0.50
Gravel 0.50xp C0.50
All Sand 0.50xp C0.50
Clay 0.50xp C0.50

Custom Kill

Tool XP Cost CB Cost
Digger 10.00xp C10

Earns money for farming Crops.
Max Level: 200
Valid actions are: Break, Place, Breed, Tame, Shear, Milk


Plant XP Cost CB Cost
Chorus Plant 1.00xp C1
Chorus Flower 1.50xp C1.50
Beetroot Block 0.50xp C0.50
Wheat Crops 0.00xp C0.50
Carrots 1.00xp C1
Potatoes 1.00xp C1
Pumpkin 1.00xp C0.50
Sugar Canes 0.20xp C0.20
Cocoa 1.00xp C1
Lily Pad 1.00xp C1
Dandelion 1.00xp C1
All Flowers 1.00xp C1
Brown Mushroom 1.00xp C1
Red Mushroom 1.00xp C1
Vines 1.00xp C1
Cactus 1.00xp C1
Nether Wart 1.00xp C1


Plant XP Cost CB Cost
Wheat Crops 0.50xp C0.50
Sugar Canes 1.00xp C1

Animal XP Cost CB Cost
Wolf 2.00xp C2
Ocelot 2.00xp C2
Pig 2.00xp C2
Cow 2.00xp C2
Horse 2.00xp C2
Rabbit 2.00xp C2
Sheep 2.00xp C2
Chicken 2.00xp C2
Tame 2.00xp C2
Wolf 2.00xp C2
Horse 2.00xp C2

Wool XP Cost CB Cost
Red 2.00xp C2
Orange 2.00xp C2
Yellow 2.00xp C2
Green 2.00xp C2
Blue 2.00xp C2
Light blue 2.00xp C2
Magenta 2.00xp C2
Pink 2.00xp C2
White 2.00xp C2
Light gray 2.00xp C2
Black 2.00xp C2
Brown 2.00xp C2
Purple 2.00xp C2
Cyan 2.00xp C2
Gray 2.00xp C2
Lime green 2.00xp C2
Animal XP Cost CB Cost
Cow 5.00xp C5

Earns money killing animals and monsters. (Does not count if killing spawner NPCs)
Max Level: 200
Valid actions are: kill, Tame


NPC XP Cost CB Cost
Chicken 1.00xp C1
Cow 1.50xp C1.50
Pig 1.50xp C1.50
Sheep 1.50xp C1.50
Wolf 2.00xp C2
Creeper 4.00xp C4
Skeleton 3.00xp C3
Spider 3.00xp C3
Zombie 2.00xp C2
Blaze 4.00xp C4
Cave Spider 0.00xp C0
Enderman 2.00xp C2
Ghast 1 5.00xp C15
Giant 100.00xp C250
Iron Golem 10.00xp C10
MushroomCow 2.50xp C2.50
Zombie Pigman 3.00xp C3
Silverfish 1.50xp C1.50
Snow Golem 2.50xp C2.50
Squid 2.50xp C2.50
Rabbit 1.00xp C1
Guardian 2.50xp C2.50
Shulker 2.50xp C2.50
Wither 20.00xp C20
EnderDragon 200.00xp C200
Player 7.50xp C7.50


Animal XP Cost CB Cost
Wolf 5.00xp C5
Ocelot 2.50xp C5
Horse 5.00xp C5

Earns Money from exploring Map.
Max Level: 200
Valid actions are: Explore

Area XP Cost CB Cost
1 5.00xp C5
2 4.00xp C4
3 3.00xp C3
4 2.00xp C2
5 1.00xp C1

Earns money from crafting items.
Max level: 200
Valid actions are: Craft, Smelt


Item XP Cost CB Cost
Stick 0.10xp C0.10
Dispenser 4.00xp C4
Note Block 3.00xp C1.50
Powered Rail 5.00xp C5
Detector Rail 5.00xp C5
Sticky Piston 3.00xp C3
TNT 4.00xp C4
Crafting Table 1.00xp C0.70
Furnace 1.00xp C1
Ladder 0.10xp C0.10
Rail 1.10xp C1.10
Jukebox 20.00xp C10
All Stained Glass 0.30xp C0.30
Brick Stairs 3.00xp C2.50
Stone Brick Stairs 0.50xp C0.50
Enchantment Table 40.00xp C30
Beacon 300.00xp C100
Anvil 25.00xp C20
Trapped Chest 1.50xp C1.50
Weightd Pressure Plate (light) 3.00xp C3
Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy) 2.50xp C2.50
Daylight Sensor 2.50xp C2.50
Hopper 7.00xp C7
Activator Rail 4.00xp C4
Dropper 3.00xp C2
All Stained Clays 1.50xp C1.50
All Stained Glass Panes 0.20xp C0.20
Sime Block 1.00xp C1
All Prismarine 3.00xp C3
Sea Lantern 10.00xp C10
Spruce Fence Gate 0.50xp C0.50
Birch Fence Gate 0.50xp C0.50
Jungle Fence Gate 0.50xp C0.50
Dark Oak Fence Gate 0.50xp C0.50
Acacia Fence Gate 0.50xp C0.50
Spruce Fence 0.50xp C0.50
Birch Fence 0.50xp C0.50
Jungle Fence 0.50xp C0.50
Dark Oak Fence 0.50xp C0.50
Acacia Fence 0.50xp C0.50
Wooden Door 0.50xp C0.50
Iron Door 8.00xp C8
Book 1.00xp C1
Compass 7.00xp C4
Clock 7.00xp C7
Cake 10.00xp C8
Bed 3.00xp C3
Brewing Stand 3.50xp C2.80
Cauldron 7.00xp C7
Spruce Door 0.15xp C0.15
Birch Door 0.15xp C0.15
Jungle Door 0.15xp C0.15
Acacia Door 0.15xp C0.15
Dark Oak Door 0.15xp C0.15


Item XP Cost CB Cost
Cooked Chicken 1.50x C1.50
Cooked Porkchop 1.50x C1.50
Steak 1.50x C1.50
Cooked Rabbit 1.50x C1.50
Cooked mutton 1.50x C1.50
Cooked fish 1.50x C1.50

Earns money from fishing.
Max Level: 200
Valid actions are: Fish


Catch XP Cost CB Cost
Raw Fish 15.00xp C16.20
Raw Salmon Fish 15.00xp C16.20
Clownfish 20.00xp C21.60
Pufferfish 20.00xp C21.60

Weapon Smith
Earns money from crafting and repairing weapons
Max Level: 200
Valid actions are: Craft, Smelt, Repair


Item XP Cost CB Cost
Wooden Sword 2.00xp C1
Leather Boots 4.00xp C3
Leather Tunic 8.00xp C4
Leather Helmet 5.00xp C2.50
Leather Pants 7.00xp C3.50
Iron Sword 8.00xp C4
Iron Boots 16.00xp C8
Iron Chestplate 32.00xp C16
Iron Helmet 20.00xp C10
Iron Legging 28.00xp C14
Golden Sword 12.00xp C6
Golden Boots 24.00xp C12
Golden Chestplate 48.00xp C24
Golden Helmet 30.00xp C15
Golden Leggings 42.00xp C21
Diamond Sword 16.00xp C8
Diamond Axe 24.00xp C12
Diamond Helmet 40.00xp C20
Diamond Chestplate 64.00xp C32
Diamond Leggings 40.00xp C28
Diamond Boots 32.00xp C16


Ingot XP Cost CB Cost
Iron Ingot 2.00xp C1.30
Gold Ingot 10.00xp C5
Diamond 20.00xp C7


Item XP Cost CB Cost
Wood Sword 1.00xp C1
Iron Sword 2.00xp C2
Golden Sword 3.00xp C3
Diamond Sword 4.00xp C4

Earns Money brewing potions
Max Level: 200
Valid actions are: Brew


Item XP Cost CB Cost
Nether Wart 6.00xp C6
Redstone 6.00xp C6
Glowstone Dust 8.00xp C8
Spider Eye 9.00xp C9
Fermented Spider Eye 12.00xp C12
Blaze Powder 12.00xp C12
Sugar 7.00xp C7
Glistering Melon 10.00xp C10
Magma Cream 12.00xp C12
Ghast Tear 22.00xp C22
Golden Carrot 14.00xp C14
Pufferfish 14.00xp C14
Rabbit's Foot 18.00xp C18
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Earns Money enchanting weapons.
Max Level: 200
Valid actions are: Enchant


Item/Enchant XP Cost CB Cost
Wooden Sword 3.00xp C1.50
Leather Boots 6.00xp C1
Leather Tunic 6.00xp C2
Leather Helmet 6.00xp C1
Leather Pants 6.00xp C2
Iron Sword 6.00xp C3
Iron Boots 9.00xp C2.50
Iron Chestplate 9.00xp C4.50
Iron Helmet 9.00xp C2.50
Iron Legging 9.00xp C4.50
Golden Sword 15.00xp C4.50
Golden Boots 15.00xp C2.50
Golden Chestplate 15.00xp C5.50
Golden Helmet 15.00xp C2.50
Golden Legging 15.00xp C5.50
Diamond Sword 30.00xp C9
Diamond Shovel 30.00xp C5
Diamond Pickaxe 30.00xp C10
Diamond Axe 30.00xp C10
Diamond helmet 30.00xp C6
Diamond Chestplate 50.00xp C12
Diamond Leggings 40.00xp C12
Diamond Boots 30.00xp C6
Power 1 10.00xp C10
Power 2 20.00xp C20
Power 3 30.00xp C30
Power 4 40.00xp C40
Power 5 50.00xp C50
Flame 30.00xp C10
Infinity 50.00xp C20
Punch 1 10.00xp C10
Punch 2 20.00xp C20
Sharpness 1 10.00xp C10
Sharpness 2 20.00xp C20
Sharpness 3 30.00xp C30
Sharpness 4 40.00xp C40
Sharpness 5 50.00xp C50
Bane of Arthropods 1 10.00xp C10
Bane of Arthropods 2 20.00xp C20
Bane of Arthropods 3 30.00xp C30
Bane of Arthropods4 40.00xp C40
Bane of Arthropods 5 50.00xp C50
Smite 1 10.00xp C10
Smite 2 20.00xp C20
Smite 3 30.00xp C30
Smite 4 40.00xp C40
Smite 5 50.00xp C50
Depth of Strider 1 10.00xp C10
Depth of Strider 2 20.00xp C20
Depth of Strider 3 30.00xp C30
Efficiency 1 10.00xp C10
Efficiency 2 20.00xp C20
Efficiency 3 30.00xp C30
Efficiency 4 40.00xp C40
Efficiency 5 50.00xp C50
Unbreaking 1 10.00xp C10
Unbreaking 2 20.00xp C20
Unbreaking 3 30.00xp C30
Fire Aspect 1 10.00xp C10
Fire Aspect 2 20.00xp C20
KnockBack 1 10.00xp C10
KnockBack 2 20.00xp C20
Fortune 1 100.00xp C20
Fortune 2 200.00xp C40
Fortune 3 300.00xp C80
Looting 1 20.00xp C10
Looting 2 40.00xp C20
Looting 3 60.00xp C30
Luck of the Sea 1 10.00xp C15
Luck of the Sea 2 20.00xp C25
Luck of the Sea 3 30.00xp C35
Lure 1 10.00xp C10
Lure 2 20.00xp C20
Lure 3 30.00xp C30
Respiration 1 10.00xp C10
Respiration 2 20.00xp C20
Respiration 3 30.00xp C30
Protection 1 10.00xp C10
Protection 2 20.00xp C20
Protection 3 30.00xp C30
Protection 4 40.00xp C40
Blast Protection 1 10.00xp C10
Blast Protection 2 20.00xp C20
Blast Protection 3 30.00xp C30
Blast Protection 4 40.00xp C40
Feather Falling 1 10.00xp C10
Feather Falling 2 20.00xp C20
Feather Falling 3 30.00xp C30
Feather Falling 4 40.00xp C40
Fire Protection 1 10.00xp C10
Fire Protection 2 20.00xp C20
Fire Protection 3 30.00xp C30
Fire Protection 4 40.00xp C40
Projectile Protection 1 10.00xp C10
Projectile Protection 2 20.00xp C20
Projectile Protection 3 30.00xp C30
Projectile Protection 4 40.00xp C40
Silk Touch 300.00xp C100
Thorns 1 10.00xp C10
Thorns 2 20.00xp C20
Thorns 3 30.00xp C30
Aqua Affinity 100.00xp C30


Voting Can help you earn some extra money too and you'll also be helping the server by drawing in more players!

How to Vote:

It will open up a link to a thread detailing on how to vote.

"Important" Make Sure you're in-game at the time of voting or you "will not" get the rewards

You will be brought to a page with multiple voting links.
Click on one of the links to open the voting site.

Click the box to verify that you're human.

Then Type your name in the box and click vote for server.

You'll be rewarded with C300 5 Tokens & 1 Vote Crate key and you're able to vote for the server more than once! there are multiple voting sites on the thread.


Make sure to vote every day for extra rewards.


Auctioning is another great way of making money

Find the item you want to sell

Equip the item in your toolbar and type the command

/auc start (amount of items) (Item Price) (Price at which bid goes up by)

You can compare the item you wish to sale to the official shop to get a good idea on how much to sell it for here

Or you can type /Shop in-game & Go to the official Sever shop On the ship to check the prices.


Events Are created by the Staff of the craft block community.

Which includes events like Fishing Contests, Online games, Or Whatever they're feeling up to.

It can be a great way to Earn money if you are willing to participate in the event.

The amount of money you get will be the decision of the event holder.
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