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Mar 29, 2015
(feel free to delete if it isn't good)
General Commands:
/co help - displays a list of commands
/co inspect - toggles the inspector. You can also just do /co i
/co undo - undoes what you just did (rollback, etc)
/co lookup <params> - advanced block data lookup

/co version - shows plugin version
Admin Tools:
/co purge <params> - deletes old block data
/co reload - reloads the plugin configuration

| /co rollback u: <user> t: <time> r: <radius> a: <action> b: <blocks>
All the params except user, time, and radius are optional.
/co rollback u: ItsWoof t: 6h r: 10 a: break b: wall_sign
u:<user> - Specify a user to rollback.
Example: u:Notch
t:<time> - Specify the amount of time to rollback
You can specify weeks,days,hours,minutes, and seconds.

Example: t:2w,5d,7h,2m,10s

You can pick and choose time amounts.
Example: t:5d2h

You can also use decimals
Example: t:2.50h (2 and a half hours)
:<radius> - Specify a radius.
You can use this to only rollback blocks near you.

You can specify a number (e.g. r:5), a world (e.g. r:#world_the_end), a global rollback (r:#global), or a WorldEdit selection (r:#worldedit or r:#we)

For example, the following would only rollback damage within 10 blocks of where you are standing: r:10
a:<action> - Restrict the lookup to a certain action
For example, if you wanted to only rollback blocks placed, you would use a:+block

Here's a list of all the actions:

    • a:block (blocks placed/broken)
    • a:+block (blocks placed)
    • a:-block (blocks broken)
    • a:click (player interactions)
    • a:container (items taken from or put in chests, etc.)
    • a:+container (items put in chests, etc.)
    • a:-container (items taken from chests, etc.)
    • a:kill (mobs/animals killed)
    • a:chat (messages sent in chat)
    • a:command (commands used)
    • a:session (player logins/logouts)
    • a:+session (player logins)
    • a:-session (player logouts)
    • a:username (username changes)

b:<blocks> - Restrict the rollback to certain block types.
For example, if you wanted to only rollback stone, you would use b:1
You can specify multiple items, such as b:1,5. You can also just type the name.
You can find a list of block type IDs at

| /co lookup u:<user> t:<time> r:<radius> a:<action> b:<blocks>
Search through block data using the same parameters as /co rollback. Shortcut: "/co l".
If multiple pages are returned, use the command "/co lookup <page>" to switch pages.
To change the number of lines displayed on a page, use the command "/co lookup <page>:<lines>".
For example, "/co l 1:10" will return 10 lines of data, starting at the first page.

/co purge t:<time>
Purge old block data. Useful for freeing up space on your HDD if you don't need the older data.
For example, "/
co purge t:30d" will delete all data older than one month, and only keep the last 30 days of data.
If used in-game, only data older than 30 days can be purged. If used from the console, only data older than 24 hours can be purged.

If you have any suggestions or something that needs to be fixed, comment it below!



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May 22, 2016
Great idea for any new moderators or anyone who has coreprotect but doesn't know how to use it.
For these I may be COMPLETELY wrong, but I'm gonna say them anyway:
Radius is optional if you have the player in, e.g. rollback everything a player has done in a certain amount of time.
Player is optional if you have time and radius, e.g. a creeper explosion.
Time is dangerous if you don't use it, as you would rollback to the start of the server, so you can leave it out but I wouldn't.
For your example,
'/co rollback u:ItsWoof t:6h r:10 a:break b:wall_sign'
using what you said above, shouldn't the break be -block?
This last one is me wondering, for the time part can you have commas in it as you put commas in one but not the other.

I'm sorry if none of this is right and I'm just being an idiot, but I hope this helps!


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Dec 15, 2013
Doesn't our Mod wiki have this? :3
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