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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:coolbeancourt
Temporary or Permanent:permanent
Incident:I went to her when she was mining, felt suspect. removed half her diamonds.  She gave some diamond to her friend phillips.  She left then came back on and when i saw he mining diamonds again i went to her in vanish, and yes she mined stright to diamonds, i removed half then kickee with the warning. Turn off your xray now!. she came back and proceeded to carry on minin, turning to go straight to diamonds.  I saw she didnt take the warning the first time with the kick.  So I banned her permanently.  She was given a chance to turn it off but chose not to.
Witnesses:me _SunDust_.
Not sure if these will help but here   just ahead of the diamonds  here we have omega, came on the second lot after the kick and warning.
Other Notes:
Afterwards her friend phillip was coontinuosly asking to unban her. I muted him 5 min, he was also warned by omega. I told him if he wanted her unbanned to have her make an appeal on forums.

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