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Apr 16, 2015
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The Citizens plugin allows players to create npc's of players or entity's which you can control , make waypoints , add traits and many more. In this wiki I will walk you through the creation of an npc and how to customise them.

Firstly how to create an npc:
I have decided I want to create an npc named HollyMootia and I would like him to be a cow so I will type
/npc create Steven --type cow
but then i decide I would like him to be a baby cow and have a blue name so I can now do
/npc create &bHollymootia --type cow -b
the -b stands for baby and I have used &b as it is the colour code for blue.You can find the formatting codes in the follow link
And the final result will hopefully look like this:
So you have decided things would be more fun if you could create npcs of your friends you can do this by doing as follows :
/npc create playername
and this will spawn you an npc of the player you entered.
How to add text to an npc (make them speak) :

Firstly you will need to type /npc text then this menu will appear:
When this menu appears you type add in chat then type what you would like your npc to say. Then type close so that when a player walks near your npc they can hear what the npc says and you can also type range to determine the range in which the npc can be heard. Then type exit to exit this menu and your npc text will hopefully work and you will be able to talk in main chat again.

Useful npc commands :
-If you do /npc select then do /npc controllable then /npc mount you can ride and control an npc
- You can do ./npc equip to equip items to players,pigs,sheep and endermen
- /npc lookclose will make the npc face you when close to it
-/npc moveto X Y Z input the coordinates for X Y Z then you can teleport an npc to that location
-/npc owner to change the owner of an npc (staff only command)
-/npc remove deletes an npc
-/npc rename allows you to change an npc's name
-/npc profession allows you to change a villagers job for example butcher, farmer, librarian and priest
-/npc speed sets speed on an npc when walking
-/npc type can change the type of entity/player
-/npc path allows you to set a walking path for your npc to follow left click to add a waypoint, right click to remove one
-/npc tp allows you to teleport to an npc and /tphere to bring the npc to your current location
-/citizens help can remind you of some of these commands if you are stuck or have a memory of a gold fish

Please note this is just an overview and tutorial and doesn't contain every individual command. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section. Also if you feel something needs to be added just message me and i can add it in.
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Apr 9, 2015
Yeah, this is really nice even though my sister made it. You should have it link to this page when you type ./npc help or ./citizens or something similar in game.
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