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Jul 26, 2014
Making your own Chest Shops!

***Important to note right at the top: Creative Players are ignored in this plugin when trying to buy and sell items!***
Here is a step-by-step guide to creating and using your own Chest Shop:

1. Place the chest
2. Hold shift, and place the sign on the chest with the format:
  • First Line: Nothing. This line will be filled automatically with your name.
  • Second Line: The amount of items you wish to be bought or sold with one click
  • Third Line: A combination of buy and sell prices. The format being: B (price):S (price). You can of course also make a shop that people can only buy items from, or sell items to.
  • Fourth Line: ?, or Item Name. If you use the question mark, the sign will try to sense the item in your chest, but if there's nothing in the chest, you will have to right-click the sign with the item you want bought or sold.
For Example:

With this example, I am selling one item at a time, with players buying the item with $20, and players selling the item here would receive $10 per item.

And with that, your sign should auto-complete to fill in your name and the item name if you used the ?, and should be in working order!
In order to buy items at a sign, right-click! And to sell your items at a sign, left-click!

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