Important Changelog 6/10 - Bug Fixes, Build Competitions, and more.


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Dec 15, 2013
Welcome to a new type of post we'll do when we make changes to the servers.

Hello Crafters! I'm trying out a new type of post for whenever we make changes. I been doing this for a bit on Trello, where I post an update and it sends to the #changelog channel Discord. Because not everyone can see that though, i'll try to leave my comfort zone (from spending seconds typing up a quick changelog) to actually posting on the forums.

These posts will usually be quick and straight to the point, with just a list of changes for each server that has happened in that day. But for the first one, I'll go ahead and explain some of the things that's been going on lately in the community, without trying to write a wall of text.

This is a long post, so I've cut the sections into spoilers. Click on a spoiler to read more.

CraftBlock's Health: 5/10

Here's something that I'll also be trying out. Whenever I make the first changelog of the month, I'll post a rating of what I think represents the health of the community. This means, from my personal view of how "healthy" we are as far as how active the server is doing, how players are interacting with the servers, the amount of donations we get for that month, and just overall how the community feels right now.

I give it a rating of 5/10. We've been doing a lot better then a few months ago. Thanks to Urchnakie and Aira, we finally have our Discord events back. We have a pretty active and fun vanilla server that everyone seems to love, and most of our servers are updated to 1.13.1. We also finally have Build Competitions back, which I hope works out better then before, now with a plot system in place and NintendoFrosty back as the host.

But even though with all of those exciting updates, we're just not doing well when it comes to player activity and donations. 1.13.1 updates has really slowed down our growth. We're missing features that are pretty important for us (Player shops, Slimefun features, etc), and I came on yesterday morning with 0-3 players online till around ~1-2PM EST. I get that it's a weekday, and that is a good reason no one is online, but I do kind of expect a bit more players to be active around those hours.

Hopefully by the end of October, we can get back on our feet and gain new players, and hopefully we'll gain new supporters so we can keep expanding with new content. Want to help? Just keep voting, as much as you can. That is the best way to help us, besides supporting the servers. Also leaving positive comments on our vote pages helps as well.

Server Changes
Now let's go over some recent changes to the servers. Changelogs will usually have updates for that specific day, but I'll go over some changes that's been done in the last few weeks.

Craft (Towny)

» Fixed:
  • Guis & Menus
    Since the update for 1.13, we've lost our menus and guis for features like /toolbox. Most GUIs should now be working. NintendoFrosty was kind enough to get this all to work for 1.13.1

  • Crates
    Finally working again. You can now vote for crate keys again & buy keys from our store. Thanks to NintendoFrosty for fixing our crates for 1.13.1!

  • The End
    The end now has weekly resets, which are done at 2AM UTC on Thursdays.
» In-Progress:
  • Forum Applications (Almost Done)
    After the 1.13.1 update, I decided that it forum applications will always be better for us. AutoRank was fun and it worked well for us, but it killed the community vibe that forum applications had. The one thing that AutoRank did better then our previous applications were better "requirements".

    I'm in the process of making fun and interactive requirements for rank applications, and I'm almost done! Once it's done, we'll start accepting applications again and players can start applying!

» Known Bugs:
  • Server Shop / Player Shops GUI
    Still waiting for an update for PS. Now that our plugin GUIs work, the dev should be updating the rest of the GUI plugins.

  • Most Slimefun Functionality
    We were able to update Slimefun to a working 1.13.1 version, however we haven't tested the add-ons yet! This week I'll try to test them out and see if we can get some of the loved features back.
Choco (Vanilla)

» Fixed:
  • Fixed a bug where /vote wasn't working.
» Known Bugs:
  • Leaderboard signs at spawn seem to not be working correctly. I'm still waiting for a 1.13.1 version of the plugin to fix it.
» Feedback
  • The 1.13.1 Choco reset has worked extremely well for us. Players seem to love how it's setup and the touch of non-vanilla functionality that was added to make the server more playable. We probably won't be touching this server much, but I am looking to add some type of supporter perks so we can get some funding for this server. Ideas would be nice
Aero (SkyBlock)

» Fixed:
  • Reset all island clear limits
    • You can now buy clear resets via our /store.
  • Fixed voting kicking players.
» Feedback:
  • Matt's gone MIA!
    Matt has setup the entire structure of Aero. So I'm not sure how everything works, as he usually takes care of maintaining the server. He hasn't been on Discord though and hasn't replied to my messages. He's probably taking a break. If anything, if you need help, please post it on the forums in our Support forum and we'll try to help you with your issues.

  • 113.1?
    So the core plugin we use for Aero has developers that are remaking the plugin into an addon for a different plugin. They're not going to be updating the specific plugin we have currently. So, we have to wait, possibly for a very long time until Aero can see any kind of 1.13.1 update.

    The other option is to reset the server with a different plugin, but that would be a huge amount of work and with Matt being MIA, I'm not sure we'll do that anytime soon. So we'll just have to wait and see. Players seem fine connecting to the server with 1.12->1.13 clients, so updating Aero isn't on our priority list.
Forge (Creative)

» Added:
  • Build Competitions! We're finally bringing back our beloved weekly WBC. Best of all, NintendoFrosty is back hosting it. Check out this week's Build Competition and come join!

  • Craft and Forge's economy are now linked! You can now purchase more build/competitions plots, and the economy comes from Craft's.

» Fixed:
  • Updated to 1.13.1!

» Feedback:
  • I'm pretty excited about this update. The server hasn't really gotten much attention apart from when we first released it (in beta), but now with Build Competitions being apart of it, I hope that it'll gain a bit more hype.

    I am looking to do more with this server. We have quite a few ranks setup and ready to go to make it a more interactive server to play on, but I just don't know how promotions would work. One idea is to just create very expensive in-game purchasable ranks with more perks, since the economy is now directly linked to our main server's. I'll also be setting up support ranks as well, so you can purchase a rank from our store instead of voting for world-edit every time.

1.13.1 has been great for players, but hell for us server admins. But we're finally making progress and fixing everything that it broke. I hope you guys continue to enjoy the servers & community.

If you've found any issues, you can reply and let us know here, or even better, post on our Support forum.

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