Important Changelog 10/23 - Updated to 1.13.2


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Jul 26, 2014
Quick Changelog post for the 1.13.2 update!

Hello again Crafters! This past night, Koa and I have went through quite a bit of work with updating the CraftBlock plugins that had new updates to them. But besides that, and the more major announcement: besides Aero, the rest of the servers have now been updated to 1.13.2!

Server Changes:

Craft (Towny)

» Removed:
  • SwearJar
    Even though this plugin was silly and loved by some of us, the swearjar has become null and void now that we have started using word filters. Sadly, it is just time to say goodbye to it.
» In-Progress:
  • TownyWorld towns (the old towny world)
    To limit confusion, this is about the world called "TownyWorld", which is the old 1.12 world. If your town is in "TownWorld," this does not apply to you.
    By the end of the week, we are going to backup the world and towns of TownyWorld, and move it over to another server. This seperate server will be there for possible build moving purposes. Make sure that your town is in the 1.13 world to not have it seem to suddenly disappear off the server!
This was just a quick post to inform you guys about 1.13.2, and the in-coming change for TownyWorld. I hope you guys enjoy your time on the servers, and being a part of our community!

If you have found any issues, you can reply and let us know here, or better yet, create a post on our Support Forum.

Thank you!

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