Important Changelog 10/22 - Fixes and Additions


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Jul 26, 2014
Welcome to the second Changelog post for keeping track of changes to the servers.

Hello again Crafters! I've gotten the opportunity to take the reigns for the Changelog this time around. If I had to say, this has been a pretty productive week, with quite a few changes over the servers. With that said, let's just jump right into what the changes are.

Server Changes:

Craft (Towny)

» Fixed:
  • PlayerShops
    Sadly for the old plugin that we used for player shops, it was yet to be updated. So in the meantime, we have added a ChestShop plugin!
    For more information on the new plugin, check out the wiki here!

  • /shop
    This had taken a bit of work to get working. Koa and I had done some work on converting block names before, but Matt had gotten the last changes needed to get this working finally!
» Added:
  • SafariNet
    Pokeballs! ... pretty much. You will now be able to catch and transport your favorite mobs and pets!
    For more information on how to start, check out the wiki here!
» In-Progress:
  • Forum Applications (Again)
    Since last time, Koa had gone through the survival applications and working on the ideas for better requirements. This past week or so, @Mattman096 and I have been going over those requirements, seeing if we could also improve them ourselves. We are already a few ranks in, and will keep reviewing the requirements for those applications.

Choco (Vanilla)

» Fixed:
  • Moderators on the servers now have more tools on ChocoBlock to help with handling situations, such as /god and /fly.

Aero (SkyBlock)

» Added:
  • ChestShops
    Yes, the same plugin we are using for chest shops on CraftBlock is now also on Aero!
    For more information on the plugin, check out the wiki here!

Forge (Creative)

» Feedback:

We are finally getting the steps down to finally take down that big monster of 1.13.1. There is still a bit of ways to go, but being on the right track is a definite good step forward in this process. I hope you guys will continue to enjoy your time on the servers, and being part of our community!

If you have found any issues, you can reply and let us know here, or better yet, create a post on our Support Forum.

Thank you!

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