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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:cbormann
Victim(s):me _SunDust_, and the residents of MoonsRavine  http://imgur.com/tDyzKzY
Temporary or Permanent:permanent
Incident:I tped to him when i saw him breaking glass - surprised when it was my own town - saw he was going round breaking things and about to kill tictactorys animals before i kicked him with a swift warning.  He came and I didnt want him in town so I tped him to /spawn.  I checked his inventory and saw a load of stuff and 64 sticky pistons. Which got me thinking i had a auto harvester below, hoping they were from there.  Well I checked over town and the screen shot is my community farm griefed.  Thank goodness for rollbacks. 
Witnesses:myself caught him in the act as ewll as /co i.  I went around one part of town rilling his nick back.  He appears to have made alot of changes to that side of town.  I have still yet to check his doings in the other side.
Previous Actions:
i have more pics and it reads alot of blocks changed but i think those 2 are enough.

Other Notes:

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