CB Weekly #82


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Jun 20, 2015

» Issue No. 82
Hello everyone! Welcome back to the new (Bi) Weekly of Craftblock. We covered quite a bit in the last weekly so this one will be shorter, but still interesting ;).

» Craftblock General News!
Alright, we have a ton of updates for this week, here's some awesome stuff!

» New Annoucements?
Ever see those announcements on the server? Remember how you would just see them on main. Well not anymore! Now, on almost every server, people will see the same announcement at the same time. All thanks to our lovely owner misskoa. All these announcements won't be so out of order and crazy now :). Here is an example of one for our events! Be sure to join Dry and Kirby for these events too ;)


» Reeling in a Big One!!
Over the week, I have added some new fish to our waters. You guys have probably noticed already but we have 4 new fish. I shouldn't say they are ALL fish but you get the idea. The names of the 4 new fish are PapaLking, The Kraken, Poseidon's Trident, and Manta Ray. Two of these are LEGENDARIES while the other two are EPICS. Another thing to include is that I been hosting little competitive fishing competitions. This means you don't get any extra rewards but you get to show off your fishing skills.


Here is a picture of the crazy Cheeky catching her second Trident!!!

» Server News: New Chat?
Over the years, Craftblock has updated its chat colors and ranks. Just recently, we decided to give chat a more refreshed and clean looking format. After many changes and decisions, we have reached a conclusion of this:


Here is a example of the new Settler and TrialMod rank prefixes. Of course, our most loved Zax stopped by during this screenshot. Most of the ranks just had a bracket change, but also colored names are for Donors too! If you are a donor and don't have a colored name, send me a message and I gotchu.

» Staff Changes
» Promotions:

  • steering24
  • HeatherC_FTW
  • VG_Echo

» Demotions:

» Honorable Mentions!

Thank you to the following people for their recent purchases from our online store!
  • HeroBrain42 - $15
  • KingChaos33 - $15
  • WizardCosmic - $38.93
  • RozlynnMarieDawn - $30.5
  • jybobb - $60
  • MrFox_EvilTwo - $15
Your support is vital in enabling CraftBlock to full fill its mission to provide you with an awesome Minecraft gaming experience and community.

We rely solely on supporter funding to achieve this mission and you can help us ensure the continued operation and development of CraftBlock by making a purchase from our online store. We ask if you do enjoy the server and community that you please consider supporting us today.

» Player Promotions!




» Dancing and DJing
As you all have probably noticed, we have a plugin that shows when someone plays a song on our plug.dj server! Every once in a while, misskoa challenges the server to reach FIFTEEN djs and everyone gets 600 tokens! So keep your eye out on that. Plus, joining our plug.dj server can be very exciting. You get to listen to the music that your fellow Craftblockians listen to. This is a great way for everyone to learn more about each other. Try not to spam it with troll music though! People would generally just like to listen to normal songs.


» Mods & Ambassadors
Our beautiful Admin, kaokia, is working on adding a new plugin that will help the staff a team a lot with communication. Dealing with this new plugin, I decided to make sure that every server had a Mod and Ambassador rank. I honestly have always wanted to do this but never got around to it. One day, I got bored and decided to go around the servers and add them ;). Took much longer than I expected because I had to sort the permissions for each server for those ranks. Now Ambassadors and Mods on main can mute and kick those nasty spammers that join hub.


Also, I decided to finally add these as an addition to the new chat on main. I did a little makeover on Games and Hub as well. Hub is now different than mains colors, and Games officially has a noticeable Mod rank with some useful permissions.

» Barking Around
This section is going to super short and simple. Just today, I was afking and came back to Dry saying "Everyone /dis player wolfiepai." I of course ask whoever was over there to teleport to me since my wifi sucks and I couldn't. All of a sudden, a wave of WolfiePais pop out of nowhere! I told them all to line up on my bed that Jess made me for my birthday. It even includes meh pet wolf <3.


» Player of the Week:
We love and value every single one of you guys here on CraftBlock, but once a week we like to pick one you guys that have been being a good cookie around the community. Therefore we have a Player of the Week!

Player name? Aira4
First Joined? 4-5 years ago
Hobbies? Reading doodling, cooking, and messing around on craftblock
Favorite Color? Purple
Favorite MC block? Black and red glazed terracotta
Fighter or a Builder? Builder
Best side server? Aeroblock
Build you are most proud of? My beautiful town
Favorite song? Heaven by Kane Brown
Tell us about yourself? I have a one year old and spend all my spare time on craftblock, anything else people should talk to me on discord lol

» Build of the Week:

Build of the Week: Jacob2Joshua1! As I was searching for a build of the week, I found this lovely starter house. Usually starter houses are cubic boxes of oak planks, with no detail and texture, but this was intricately shaped, contained lots of places for light to flood in, and generally a stunning first house! Great work on Build of the Week, JacobJoshua! If you have an amazing build that you think deserves a bit of recognition, message me ingame or on Discord, and I'll be happy to feature it! -DeltaBeetle

» Thank You and Closing....
Hello everyone! Glad you guys made it to the end of this Bi-Weekly. Man has this one been a rough one to put together. Stuff kept deleting and getting rearranged, I don't know what happened. Finally though, I got this all written and organized with some help of my fellow staff bbs. I would like to THANK all of you amazing people for taking your time to read up on the weekly. I know I mentioned that this one wasn't going to be long but it is a bit thick to be honest. Make that thicc ;). Lmao, anyway I will see you guys later for the next Weekly in 2 weeks. Adios muchachos.


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