Cam_Builder ban appeal


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Aug 1, 2014
Minecraft Username: Cam_Builder
Your Ban report link:
Server banned from: CraftBlock
Reason of ban: "trolling/being rude"
Who banned you?: SunDust
Why should you be unbanned?: I don't think I should be unbanned entirely, as I know I have broken some rules. I definitely feel like the ban should be lowered back to 3 days, however. If you look at the pictures Marunette posted, you can see people swearing at me and insulting me. I feel as if you people are out to get me. SunDust raised my ban time twice after the original ban, which I thought was a lot more fair. Instead, you raise it twice after you turn a blind eye to the actions of others that helped cause me to do what I did. That seems very biased against me, and actually seems to be quite hypocritical as well.


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Dec 16, 2013
It's only a week, wait it out.


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Dec 16, 2013
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Cam_Builder, in regards to the ban, you admit you broke "some rules".

Can you tell us what rules you admit to breaking? Cause thats all youve said in your defence. Everything else is you pointing fingers at other players. This appeal is not for them. You are not appealing for their mistakes. This is entirely all of "your" very own doing, which "you" need to prove to us that we should take into account your appeal.. Or just let you wait it out.

So please answer my question above.

And while your at it, since you made this appeal rather then waiting it out....

How do you feel about trolling people and being rude?:

Trolling and being rude, you going to just carry on this behaviour once you get back?:

Are there any other players you need to apologise to?:try looking at victims on your report.

On the server, what will you fix that you broke?
All i can think of here is the relationships you have with those players. But how will you go about to try fix it?

Can you forgive those who you felt may have wronged you?
Youve mentioned a few names up in your report there. Maybe start there.

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