Cact00s - Moderator Application

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Nov 20, 2017
United Kingdom
General Questions

What is your Minecraft name?

What is your current rank on CraftBlock?
What is your age bracket?
Have you been an ACTIVE member of the CraftBlock Community for a minimum of 2 months?
Why are you applying for Moderator?
I'm applying for moderator because i'm pretty active on yer server. I can all the basic rules of the non-grief servers. Im highly experienced with alot of yer plugins.
I've had some experience with moderator before. i've noticed that some of the hours im on there are no staff, only high rankers or discord. So just wanted to fill it up. And i belive i can be rather motivating. Now remember, I did say ''CAN BE''
DOesny mean im gonna be all rainbows and glitter if you're annoying any other user on CraftBlock.
How do you think you've demonstrated moderator qualities in your time with CraftBlock?
I've been there if someone asked for help.
I've explained different situations and some of the plugins (as slimefun, cars and some others)
I'm very active, but there are some random days a week i dont have time. Im mostly active 4-6 days a week on CrafBlock. By the way, This is just a test application so i jsut have everything ready for teh two motchs anniversary.
On a scale of 1-5, how knowledgeable do you believe you are with regard to CraftBlock rules and regulations? (1 being not very, 5 being very)
What country are you from?
Northern Ireland
How long per day, in hours, would you be able to dedicate toward your moderator duties on CraftBlock?


Scenario 1 - A player has recently joined the server and has been pretty quiet; not talking too much. When you go to check on them, you notice that they have began to grief someone's building in the wild. How would you handle this situation and why?
Well. heres something. If a player can grief someones house it means that user did not claim or the griefer is a hacker. If hes a hacker I'll tempban/ ban and report the case if the player isnt a hacker and the house wans't claimed (i'd check if myself) I cant cant blaim him for taking out a unprotected house. Because when you spawn in the worl for the first time theres a book that shows you how to claim land.

Scenario 2 - While on the server, a player suddenly gets very excited about surviving an ambush of mobs. They talk using multiple lines for a single sentence. You notice on the forums that the player has already been warned for similar actions multiple times by another staff member, and has even been muted once before. How would you handle this situation and why?
Well, of course if i know this user(s), i'd love to give him / her the same treatment i'd give every other user on theis server. Mute up to 30 minutes or kick with a message about Almost receiving a last warning.

Scenario 3 - While on the server, 3 new players join at about the same time. Suddenly, all 3 of them start spamming the chat with rude epithets repeatedly. What actions do you take to quell the situation and stop the chaos in chat? Why?
Firstly, this might seem rude, I mute them in bout 3 minutes to explain them how and wot they should not do (If they start spamming). Then if the three minutes aren't over i'll unmute them. Why you ask? because if they are spamming theres a high chance of then not seeing my message as it'll disappear in the chat, so the most effective way is to shut them up and get them into place. they are not worth any more than anyone else.

Discord - Do you have a Discord account?
Discord - As this is one of the more important communication tools in CraftBlock and if you answered yes to the previous question, How active would you be able to be in Staff group conversations?
Very Active


Aug 11, 2017
No vouch, your answers for the Scenarios are not thought out well enough, and you seem to have a bit of a rudeness which isn't the best quality when dealing with trolls :> gotta have patience with people.


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Jul 5, 2014
QLD, Australia
Mike (aka Cact) is a great member of the community, I'm sure we can all agree with that. But I feel you need to be a member for a bit longer to ensure you are familiar with most of the Craft block regulations and rules. Not only that, I would like to see you helping the new members of the community and assist them in anything possible.

Try helping memebrs of the community and create a good reputation for yourself before you take on a Staff role. When you feel that you have what it takes to be a Staff, try applying for Amby. Amby is a great starting block for "wanna-be" staffs.

Don't be discouraged bro from the things I have said, instead, take my words into account and see it as an opportunity to become a better player in this community.

I'm afraid you dont have my vouch at this moment, but, I still believe that you will become a great staff member one day. That day is just not today.

To sum this up, Help new players, continue to be nice and don't give up on becoming a staff member! You are very active on the server and I would like to make it clear to you, that you are one hell of a builder and friend. Keep it up bro. :)

Vouch denied by JoshRules_

Jess is a bully. :(


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Nov 30, 2017
I vouch for you even though you have only been on for a week or two, your a great part of the community and you make jokes which i laugh to, so vouch from me.


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Aug 16, 2016
Texas, USA
There are a few things that worry me in this application all tying in to why I'm not going to vouch.

I am really sorry for having a realistic personality.
Please don't backtalk/be rude/be sarcastic to staff when applying for staff, it really doesn't make you look good.

Sometimes, the harsh reality of staff does make you have to be realistic with people. This doesn't mean rude, but having a realistic can mean glitters and rainbows. Like if I'm dealing with a younger player, I'm going to speak to him nicely. If it is an older player who has spent time on the server, I will be nice and patient, but more real with them.

To be staff you need to be patient. Patient to anyone who logs onto the server. It can be frustrating, believe me, i know, but you can't go straght to being real with them an punishing them.

The scenario answers were a bit short and basic, plus, well to put it frank, the scenario answers aren't good.

Scenario 1
I don't really get where you get all the hacker things from since the amount of hackers we actually experience on our server is quite low. Plus, saying you can't blame them for griefing an unclaiming an area is bs. Players sdhould all read /rules when they join and there they will see that touching builds that were not built by them is against the rules and they will be punished accordingly.

Scenario 2
Along the lines of what should happen, but, you should kick or mute the person with the message telling them what they did depending on the amount of times they broke the rule. Then when they get back on, tell them what they did wrong, not to do it again, and tell them to read /rules. Then go ahead and make a player report. But in these situations, do NOT forget to take screenshots.

Scenario 3
This one was probably the best of the bunch, but I'd go for a longer mute. If they players just came on to spam, I would permanetly ban all three as they had no intentions to play.

Also, we are full on moderators at the moment, but thanks for applying!

- Shep


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Jul 29, 2017
What shep said... No vouch... and your rudeness to a staff member ^^ shows you shouldn't be on staff right now


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Aug 15, 2017
Magical land?
I cannot vouch, these answers seem like you didn't really think about the scenarios, you have a lot of responsibilities as moderator, and I just don't think you should be staff right now. Sorry, but good luck! :p


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CB Admin
Nov 15, 2014
Long Island
Based upon my review of some of the responses to your application, as well as your recent activity level, we have decided to close your moderator application.
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