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Build Competition #6: Vote for your Winner!

Discussion in 'Bi-Weekly Build Competition' started by NintendoFrosty, Apr 8, 2017.


Who should be the winner of this competition?

Poll closed Apr 9, 2017.
  1. CBDragon

    1 vote(s)
  2. MumboJumbo0

    1 vote(s)
  3. SweetCorn

    2 vote(s)
  4. Aira4

    0 vote(s)
  5. II_Shorty_II

    0 vote(s)
  1. NintendoFrosty

    NintendoFrosty The Frosty Musician
    Owner CB Admin

    Jul 26, 2014
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    Build Competition #6: Sci-Fi Submissions!​

    CBDragon's Starman!


    Submission: Welp heres Starman from EarthBound Check out their post here for more!

    MumboJumbo0's Tardis!


    Submission: I love Doctor Who it is a fantastic show, this is my first weekly build and when I saw it was sci-fi themed I said to myself well I could make the Tardis. I started out small about a quarter of the plot space available and was talking about it in the chat. CorinJames saw my messages and was intrigued he came to me and liked what I saw although I thought it was way to small. I started to take it down and he gladly helped, then I started on the corners making it BIG. I am really glad that I made it bigger because it looks awesome, CorinJames helped me build The Tardis to what it is now and I was very glad. I had lot's of fun building this with Corin because we both made mistakes at some points and we both caught each others mistakes. If I had of done this alone I would have failed and probably rage quitted so I thank CorinJames for your help.
    Enjoy looking at the Tardis! Check out their post here for more!

    SweetCorn's Doctor Who Areas and Pixel Art!


    Submission: I was very excited when I first saw the theme, there could only be one true build I could go for. Doctor who of course :D (My life!) I aimed to capture the aspect of time travel in my build. For those of you who do not watch or have not heard of Doctor Who, it is a British TV show that us Brits pride our selfs in (along with Harry Potter, scones and tea). Basically the main character (the Doctor) travels through time and space exploring planets and saving species from monsters in his TARDIS (Time.And.Relative.Dimensions.In.Space). My build is a representation of the different places the Doctor has traveled to, will travel to or is traveling to (it all gets a bit complicated). I also took the added benefit to hide the Tardis in the different areas of my build. Hope you Enjoy! Check out their post here for more!

    Aira4's Lego Stormtrooper!


    Submission: Hey guys so I hope you like my Lego Stormtrooper guy, I am very pleased with how he turned out. As I was building him i thought "hey wouldn't it be cool if he was also a house on the inside so thats what i did, inside when you enter in the first room is the rec room where there is a tv and computer and as you travel up the ladder if you go down into his other leg you get to the washroom where there is a bathtub, some sinks, and some working toilets. once you go up further from the legs you come to the living quarters where the beds are set up in a bunk bed style with chests for personal items at the foot of each bed, heading up further on the ladder you get to the mess hall, where there is a nice big table, a bbq, a big walk in fridge, and a wall of enough furnaces to be able to keep up with feeding any army you may come across. I hope you think it is as cool of a build as I do. Check out their post here for more!

    II_Shorty_II's Star Trek Cut Scene!


    Submission: Hey! :) Not much to say really. This is a scene that never made the cut into the original Star Trek film.
    Planet Vulcan got destroyed as you all know, but deep inside the core this is what you would have seen.

    Check out their post here for more!

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